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A Never-Ending Battle by Howard B. Patrick

Howard B. Patrick’s A Never-Ending Battle: How Vietnam Changed Me Forever (CreateSpace, 208 pp., $10.99, paper) is a classic account of how combat in the Vietnam War resulted in many years of post-traumatic stress disorder that adversely affected his life.This book is a basic primer for anyone unfamiliar with what the combat experience was like for veterans who served in the Vietnam War.   425 more words


If I'd Been Born in 1950

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If I’d been born in 1950, I would have been 18 in 1968, heading off to college.  I’d have been able to vote in that year’s presidential election, and I’d have voted for whichever candidate would have gotten us out of… 471 more words

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Polemical Poetry XII: The Iraq Catastrophe

Michael Murry.  Introduction by William Astore.

Iraq is in the news again.  As ISIS continues to expand its power, U.S. politicians engage in rehashing… 742 more words


Memorial Day Sale Continues with 15% off and Free Shipping*

Brickmania’s Memorial Day Sale continues all this week with 15% off everything on the website (excluding Elite Memberships and WWB tickets) when you use the code: REMEMBER at checkout.   45 more words

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Call it the Samson effect. Delilah snipped off all of Samson’s hair and with it went his magical strength.  It turns out this wasn’t a myth after all. 178 more words


Amy Goodman: An Act of Protest, Not Sabotage, at the Birthplace of the Bomb

 Sister Megan Rice is now 85 years old. She and her two co-defendants await a lower court’s decision on whether or not they should continue serving time for the lesser charges of destruction of government property, for cutting fences, painting slogans and pouring blood on Y-12.

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