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Ho Chi Who?

I just had a strange experience just now watching Apocalypse Now with Wipa, a Thai woman who was born in 1969.  We’re going to Viet Nam on holiday in about three weeks, and she’s sort of excited and scared to go to such a foreign place. 536 more words

Hidden in Plain Sight

The 57,307 names etched on the black granite of the Vietnam memorial located in Constitution Gardens in Washington,D.C. are the obvious reminder of war and sacrifice made for freedom. 96 more words

Vietnam Wall replica arrives in City Park

NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – Hundreds of motorcycles escorted a replica of the Vietnam Wall across New Orleans today.

Names engraved into the wall are those of soldiers who died in Vietnam between 1957 and 1975. 101 more words


Antiwar Activism: The Power of Posters in Protesting Against the Vietnam War, and the Significance of Symbolism in Antiwar Posters.

History is filled with war and conflict. Nations have fought against one another for land, resources, power, or to combat threats and opposing views. War has brought many casualties, including the death of innocent lives, which has sparked antiwar activism throughout the world. 2,304 more words

Communication Studies

Vietnamese Veterans Continue to Feel War's Lasting Impact

by Jeff Nguyen

Every year a huge celebration for Vietnamese veterans is held in Orange County, California. My grandfather, a veteran of the Vietnam War and proud member of the Vietnamese community, watches it religiously, staring intensely at the TV set. 2,403 more words


'Scorched by American napalm': The media myth of 'Napalm Girl' endures

One of the most memorable photographs of the Vietnam War was “The Terror of War,” better known as “Napalm Girl.”

The image showed a cluster of terrified Vietnamese children fleeing an errant bombing raid near their village, Trang Bang. 618 more words

Media Myths

What History Teaches Us

Rules for Old Men Waiting by Peter Pouncey is a powerful, beautifully written novel about an old man who has recently lost his beloved wife. Bereaved and waiting for his own death, the history professor stocks his pantry, holes himself up in his home, and proceeds to write his final story. 137 more words