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Vietnam Resto: Sinbad Restaurant, Mui Ne

By Local Unnie

After getting our flight back to Incheon got delayed for about two hours, I have finally reached Korea. So many stories to tell the Cam Ranh International Airport experience but I shall stop for now. 215 more words


Boissons Bizarres : le Café Soda

Ce n’est pas du soda au café, mais si je l’écris en vietnamien ça sera plus parlant. Le Café Soda, ou plutôt CaPhe Sua Da (pour café au lait concentré glacé) est une sorte de café frappé mais avec un goût de beurre et de sucre très prononcé. 232 more words


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Exploring Sai Gon's History

So! it took me couple of days to finally write again. I was laying on my bed, after finishing my article about COP 23. That’s actually funny because I didn’t attend Conference of Parties (COP), you know the Paris Agreement? 946 more words


Things that seems normal after three months in Vietnam but actually aren't if you stop to think about it for a second

I open the Italy lock on the door to our apartment complex. It’s a clunky dimple lock, the kind that it supposed to be secure. For extra security, we have a small hole through which we must put our hand to unlock it from the outside. 1,325 more words


Approaching our destination in Ho Chi Minh city

There we are….the end of our cruise on the Mekong River.

Our slow life on board of the gorgeous Indochine II will end upon our arrival at the pier terminal. 188 more words


The road to Dalat, 1:21 pm 

I’m truly in the countryside now, a few houses here and there but otherwise not a sign of civilization. The road winds leisurely through a landscape so green you almost can’t believe it, trees and bushes of all kinds on both sides. 74 more words


Border Crossing

We drove to the outskirts of Phnom Penh–because cycling out of their would have been… difficult…life threatening really.  We got on our bikes and cycled 50km to the border. 139 more words

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