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Canada has one monument to volunteers who fought in the American Civil War — and it's in progress

Canada’s only monument to volunteers who fought in the American Civil War is currently in progress.

While U.S. cities grapple with whether or not to remove Confederate statues, the Grays and Blues of Montreal, a Civil War re-enactment group mostly known for firing off muskets at the Montreal Highland Games, is getting ready to unveil a monument to the 40,000 Canadian volunteers who fought in the war. 652 more words


Lost in Translation

One of the greatest challenges we have faced in Hanoi so far is not speaking a word of Vietnamese that isn’t ‘hello’ or ‘thank you’ (or rather, our interpretation of what ‘hello’ and ‘thank you’ are.) As mentioned, we were first placed in an area with very few foreigners, meaning very few English translations on menus and very few English-speaking shopkeepers and restaurant owners. 502 more words

Gary Donato

U.S. Navy 1972–1994

Two years into college, with a sense of patriotism and a longing to travel, Gary Donato decided to join the Navy – a decision that would bring him up the ranks from Nuclear Machinist Mate to Lieutenant in a twenty-two year career in the Submarine Force, spanning the Vietnam era through the Cold War. 81 more words


I didn't die in Vietnam

Although i did come back with a busted knee.

Scooters…so many scooters!

One of the first surprises that welcome you to this beautiful country are the roads. 28 more words


Thomas W. Crosby, Jr.

U.S. Army 1967–1971

Finishing graduate school and the Peace Corps, Tom Crosby was given a choice between going for his PhD, or the service. Twenty-four year old Tom chose the Army specifically the Army Security Agency, responsible for intelligence gathering and the security of Army communications. 57 more words