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Why I Love Traveling Solo In Vietnam

“It feels nothing like home and that’s why I love it.”

I’ve traveled solo through Vietnam twice. The first time I learned about stranger danger… 41 more words


Spring Rolls - Gỏi cuốn (fresh) or Nem rán (fried)

You shouldn’t get confused about the most popular spring rolls in Hanoi.  It is easy one is fried and the other isn’t.

Nem Ran / Nem rán – fried spring rolls 429 more words

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Bún bò Nam Bộ / Bun Bo Nam Bo

This is actually a creation from the south but a huge fan base in Hanoi.

This bowl is a meal in itself, starting at the bottom with a bed of lettuce leaves, some herb greenery and papaya slices; next comes the stir fried beef with bean sprouts and onions.  80 more words

4 TIPs - Living + Travel - Vietnam

History of Vietnamese Food + Essential Ingredients

History of Vietnamese Food

Throughout the ages Vietnamese cuisine has been influenced by the Chinese who called Vietnam their home for almost 1,000 years.  A French twist also remains from the 80 years of the French Colonial days. 374 more words

4 TIPs - Living + Travel - Vietnam

President Obama's food in Vietnam

In the last period, Obama President spent many times to have his business trips. He always evaluate the important of Asia in the general development of the world. 112 more words

Măng tây, nấm xào dầu hào- Stir-fried asparagus, button mushrooms in oyster sauce (English recipe below)

Kể ra thì hơi nhà quê chứ hôm nay là lần đầu tiên mình ăn măng tây. Trước còn ở nhà, ba mình từng mua một bó ở siêu thị về bảo cả nhà ăn cho biết. 566 more words

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FLAVOURS OF THE GLOBE: 10 Cuisines You Must Try

By Subah Bhatia.

Food, in today’s world, is the depiction of the culture of its origin, the flair of its chefs and the passion of its consumers. 1,013 more words