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Faux Pho is So Good

The other day, I once again prowled the local Vietnamese grocery, and in reward for my hunt I found a new veggie to try! The helpful woman working there called them Vietnamese mustard greens. 586 more words

Gluten Free

Food Adventure -- Banh mi (Nong La Cafe)

The weather in Los Angeles has really been heating up lately, and it has left me without an appetite for my usual comfort foods. It left me craving for something crisp and refreshing, like a salad. 264 more words


Mouth Watering Delicacies Of Chinese And Vietnamese Food

Food is one of the basic necessities but no one ever liked to take their food just as a fuel for the body. People always loved to relish the food that tantalizes their taste bud. 219 more words

Authentic Chinese Food

Shrimp Paste Sauce / Mắm Ruốc


– 2 tbsp garlic
– 2 tbsp ginger
– about 4 chili pepper
– 2 tsp sugar
– 6 oz. shrimp paste (half jar) 70 more words

Dipping Sauces

Moving to the Dicofi side

Some strong coffee was needed for that night. A strong and a cold one at that! I was then reminded of my first Vietnamese coffee sip that was indeed strong. 494 more words


Transparent Shrimp & Pork Dumpling

What is it?

This type of dumpling has its origin in Central Vietnamese. It is made of tapioca flour, which becomes clear and translucent when cooked. 408 more words


Vietnamese Restaurant Offers You Healthy Food Choices

Want to try out new dining places in your friendly neighborhood locality? Well, then just stop by Vietnamese restaurant and enjoy its delicious meals to your heart’s content. 311 more words