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A good eat out night 

Always like to sit by the open kitchen bar, watch the chefs in actions. Tonight went to a Vietnamese restaurant with great vibes ! All the food with yummy flavors, I joked with the chef the food are yummy but you are not Vietnamese. 134 more words


My New & Healthy Fave Vietnamese Place - Pho Vistro

Hi everyone!!

This is my 1st official blog post for 2017 (not including My Year in Review for 2016) and it’s already the month of February 2017, which means winter is half over…:) With… 838 more words


PT Noodles

It’s been quite chilly the last week here in Phoenix. And for me, every time it gets cold, I crave a big bowl of Pho. Pho is a Vietnamese soup consisting of noodles (specifically rice noodles), broth, meat, and a few herbs. 128 more words


Vietnamese Ground Beef & Pork In Wild Betel Leaves ( Bò lá lốt )

The reason I cook is for my “Grumpy Gummy Tummy” (Javed’s new nickname as he’s been putting on weight from me feeding him). However, I can never deny that I love cooking just for the sake of cooking, preparing ingredients, chopping, grating, stirring, spinning around the stove and the sink,… It’s a huge pleasure for me, I can spend hours and hours in the kitchen. 533 more words


Wu Xing: Your Guide to Balanced Taste

The traditional Chinese conceptual framework of Wu Xing (五行), which roughly translates as “Five Elements” and is rooted in Taoist philosophy, has not only influenced East Asian cultures across China, Japan, Korea and throughout Southeast Asia, but has been applied to seemingly disparate fields of study including, but not limited to, traditional forms of medicine, music, martial arts and even—you guessed it—culinary arts. 2,000 more words


The Specialty Of Best Vietnamese Cuisine

Vietnamese cuisine is very popular around the world and Vietnamese restaurants are opening in many European and western cities. Those who want to experience the exotic yet light taste of Vietnamese food should take a trip to Vietnam and taste the sample dishes that are authentically made. 285 more words

Vietnamese Cuisine

Salad Rolls with Pineapple and Pineapple Mint Dipping Sauce

Well, Angie has gotten me so thrilled to participate in her Healthy Recipe Challenge, that I can’t stop thinking about leafy greens and pineapple! Out of the blue, recipes just keep popping into my mind. 689 more words