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Thanksgiving Leftovers as Vietnamese Rice Porridge – Cháo Gà Lôi

I eat Thanksgiving dishes once, maybe two times per year and make the most of it. Still, with piles of leftovers, I can only make a Thanksgiving plate so many times. 309 more words


Beef Pho My Way

I LOVE PHO, pho bo tai more specifically which is pho with thinly sliced rare beef that cooks perfectly in the hot broth, but I’ll take any I can get my hands on. 903 more words


Vietnamese Chicken Pho (Pho Ga)

Chicken pho is a hearty soup and refreshing when you use the beansprouts and other condiments that go along with it. Several years back I was creating my take on the instant Pot Noodles so called ‘Ray’s posh pot noodles (not original I know). 348 more words