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Getting Settled

We’re in the process of getting resettled, and in the meantime I’m holding off making a comprehensive post. I’m still here, don’t worry! But no real posts until either Friday or Monday. 26 more words


Spring Rolls - Gỏi cuốn (fresh) or Nem rán (fried)

You shouldn’t get confused about the most popular spring rolls in Hanoi.  It is easy one is fried and the other isn’t.

Nem Ran / Nem rán – fried spring rolls 429 more words

4 TIPs - Living + Travel

Vietnamese Spring Rolls

fresh spring rolls :)

< Ingredients >

rice pepper

paprika ( red, orange and yellow)

bean sprouts

sesame leaves

crab stick

sauce for spring rolls… 43 more words

Mom's Cook

Vegetarian Vietnamese Spring Rolls

So many people have no clue what the difference between a spring roll and an egg roll is. In Southern Vietnam (where my mother’s family is from), it’s pretty easy to tell the difference: egg rolls are fried, while spring rolls are served fresh. 329 more words


Colorful Summer Veggie Rolls

Warmer days call for lighter meals! At least for me. Somehow my appetite changes with the season. Not only do I eat less (and drink more) during warmer seasons, but my meals are lighter as well. 377 more words


Mama's spring rolls

Today my mama made some spring rolls!

On a busy Thursday like today it’s really wonderful to have a quick and delicious dinner like this. (Quick, because I only had to warm up the spring rolls, but of course it’s a lot of work to make those.) Since my mum is a passionate cook and doesn’t live far away I get food gifts like this quite often :) 28 more words


A twist on Vietnamese spring rolls (Gỏi cuốn)

As a child, I was allergic to prawns. Just a bite of that sneaky crustacean would send my parents into a nervous fit and me into a red, itchy frenzy! 675 more words