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♡10 things before Pokémon Go 

My attention span can be questionable- sometimes, so much so it’s almost surprising how I’ve become a bit too obsessed with the recent release of Pokémon Go in the UK (and just about available from the App Store and Android worldwide now!) and most truly, I know I’m not the only one. 906 more words

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♡Photo Diary: When in Paris!

I can’t quite get my head around the fact that we’re already into June, and coming around the corner will be both my brother’s birthdays. A bank holiday weekend in Paris feels like a long time ago now and I’m missing the holiday excitement and vibes ahh. 357 more words

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♡My Click List #3 Summer Whites

The whites of summer makes me think of daisies, white summer dresses and all the dainty details. I do associate it with the season of weddings but I’m only 21 so what would I know about weddings other than what I see in the media, family/friends and Disney films? 242 more words

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♡Call in the summer! | Outfit of the day

Let the countdown to summer begin!

It feels like summer break has taken its time to come around this year but a few weeks ago the warmest days has had its first hello, so I’m not complaining. 185 more words

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♡Let's see this ASOS delivery!

It’s about time I posted an unboxing from ASOS. With all these save lists something or other must have come out from them so yes I have one now! 681 more words

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♡2 things I love about Elemis || A favourite in a crumb

As we get older, we know our skin from the inside and out. I’m a little notorious for investing in good skincare because the skin is for life and it goes through so much everyday that it’s just nice to pamper it now and again, so it goes without saying that I don’t mind spending a little extra mile on skincare. 423 more words

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♡Tired eyes? Eye care with Origins! || A favourite in a crumb

Project Briefs. Tiredness. Deadlines. Stress. Tiredness. Deadlines. Youtube.

It’s a reoccurring theme around this time of year or in some cases like being on an architecture course, self-directed deadlines e’ryday ahh. 386 more words

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