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Rooftops, something that is appealing & has always been. This is a great image with an aesthetically pleasing view.


Homes / Interiors

Day 5 -- Picture Perfect Positano

For art class in high school, I used to watercolor these elaborate scenes of Italy. I would type “Italy” into the search engine and choose the most stunning images to paint. 868 more words


View From The Top

This past weekend my brother and I climbed up to the roof of his house.  He lives with his family on the top of a well forested hill, and from his roof you can see a long way in every direction.   215 more words


Jalan Menuju Allah

Ibnu Qayyim Al-Jauziyah rahimahullah berkata :

Jalan menuju Allah adalah jalan dimana :

Adam kelelahan,
Nuh mengeluh,
Ibrahim dilempar ke dalam api,
Ismail dibentangkan untuk disembelih, 49 more words


High Altitude Dining

We are really high-altitude addicted fellows. So that our first post is inspired by this addiction.

Sitting down, enjoying a glass of wine before a great dinner is a common well-being target, by the way what if you can add a breathtaking view from the top of a sky scraper or a mountain? 409 more words


How To View Downloaded Files On Iphone 6

How to view downloaded files on iphone 6.

AAE files downloaded from iPhone 6 a place to put unsupported files. i selected the but i don’t see how this could In this article by Jason R. 623 more words