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A Caveman's View

There is a fascinating collection of black and white seascape photos reminiscent of the work of Rothko that were done by Japanese artist Hiroshi Sugimoto.  He said something interesting, “we have changed the land so much over time, but it is entirely possible that ancient man saw the same images of the sea as we do today.” In this sense Sugimoto felt he was connecting with our most ancient ancestors. 169 more words

The Dry Canyon


Catherin, Devon and I

So after our trip through River Caves Mandy had to be back in town early but the rest of us decided to take the drive out to the dry canyon which is always a great one for showing newbies… 191 more words


Bench with a view

For this Sunday a calming photo of a restful place. It is the garden of Villa Augustus, an interesting project of a restaurant cum hotel that I have been writing about a couple of times ( like  18 more words

Dordrecht, My Hometown

Gdansk old town

I’m having some troubles uploading photos at the moment. Don’t know if it’s the bad internet or problem with the app or whatever but just some or none of the photos I try to upload really shows up. 58 more words



“The Other
The Other is an individual who is perceived by the group as not belonging, as being different in some fundamental way. Any stranger becomes the Other. 661 more words

Are you window seat flyer? Whats your best memory of window seat view?

As a traveler I always love flying on airplanes and my first and last choice is always window seat. Being on the top of the world, watching the views as the planes take off and land, getting the glimpse of the city and its life, watching the clouds play around you, it has always been one of my most unforgettable moments! 168 more words

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