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I paint very large pictures. I realize that historically the function of painting large picture is painting something very grandiose and pompous. The reason I paint them, however – I think it applies to other painters I know – is precisely because I want to be very intimate and human. 108 more words


Load balancing Horizon View security servers

This question comes quite often in the forums, and since VMware’s documentation lacks in my opinion, i decided to give a brief explanation on how to do it. 339 more words

View From a Bedroom Window

Composed 2/26/15
Description: For Writing 201: Day 9. Found poetry about landscape using enumeratio.

This one posed a challenge. Found poetry is extremely limiting; however, I understand that heightens creativity! 121 more words


Clouds Rolling In

Feel free to share if you’d like…

Don’t forget to mention the photo belongs to Agatha Christa @ agathachrista.com; thanks!


The beauty of Baler, Aurora!


I like coming somewhere like Baler, Aurora. I really like their place because the place was fantastic. Beside the good view of baler we can also fine their food, really well because they are near seaside like, a lot of milkfish or lobster. 211 more words

95% And Counting Down!

Way to go everyone… We are almost there….. View attachment 37243 It would be more than awesome to achieve this in 5 days! Imagine that. I can tell you that last night Anthony sent off an email to the Server company to inquire to shifting to an annual invoice. 44 more words