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Exit buttons

I changed the exit buttons from    to .

(note: the first one points to the right originally, but when I was using it, I had to flip it horizontally to resemble a ‘back’ button instead of ‘next’) 173 more words

Digital Technology

The viewer: agony to ecstacy

At the tender age of 4 years old, I was dragged around the art museums of London to my dismay. My mother, an artist, a potter precisely, felt the innate need to look at other people’s artwork before she could create her own, and she would still create pieces that looked exactly the same every time. 751 more words

Art Coefficient

Mediagrammi operates as international distributor for the video project Art Coefficient.

Art Coefficient is a video format focused on the meeting between a contemporary artwork and a viewer, conceived by the italian artist… 64 more words

Traders Finance News

Always stay up to date with the top financial sources, shown at the front of your screen!

Traders Finance News

Trading like a pro is all about making quick decisions, and staying updated with the latest trends in the financial markets.

29 more words
Make Money

I, an observer

Maybe this is just me, but I have a slight love of learning about people. I just love getting to know what someone’s favorite cookies are, whether they prefer cats or dogs, and how they spend their rainy days. 623 more words

Upcoming Heroes of the Storm repair the number of viewer slots, more

Snowstorm details 2 brand-new features coming quickly to Heroes of the Tornado.

The next update for Heroes of the Tornado will certainly bring two new fan-requested additions to the video game, Blizzard has disclosed. 24 more words


Coca-Cola made packaging that converts into a free Google Cardboard-style VR viewer [Video]

Coca-Cola could easily equip just about everyone in the country with a free Google Cardboard-style VR viewer if the above experiment turns into reality. 223 more words