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Fifty Shades of Grey & BDSM

So before I begin this post I want to say that I have not seen the movie or read the book “Fifty Shades of Grey,” and do not plan to. 530 more words

RStudio v0.99 Preview: Data Viewer Improvements

RStudio’s data viewer provides a quick way to look at the contents of data frames and other column-based data in your R environment. You invoke it by clicking on the grid icon in the Environment pane, or at the console by typing… 400 more words

RStudio IDE

Download the FREE viewer of Novapoint DCM 19

NovapointDCM Viewer is a FREE facility management tool for transparent collaboration on infrastructure Quadri-models.

The Novapoint Viewer is basically the same application as Novapoint Base, but the model is “Read Only” – i.e. 140 more words


I meet a subscriber/viewer on the road!

I never really knew what I would get out of vlogging when I started… I just thought I would use the gopro (that I got for fathers day) to dick around and make vids for fun with no return, but what happened in this vlog really cheered me up! :)


On Dain II Ironfoot: Lord of the Iron Hills and King Under the Mountain


This has been a long time coming. This is basically Dáin: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. Except I’m here to argue that there’s a lot of good, very little bad, and, lbr, even less ugly.

365 more words

[ Euphoria ] Low saturation dull deposit

The title of this blogpost is the name of a Windlight-setting, one I have picked to show how I edit wind-lights to my liking, after I was challenged to show off my favourite windlight. 534 more words


Should you work out with a cold?

We got this email from a viewer:Dear Dr. Manny I am a fitness fanatic and I hate missing a day at the gym. Ive been battling a cold and my husband keeps telling