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No Black & White in Music

Bored, my friend and I scoured through our social media. After about fifteen minutes of showing each other this video and that picture she came upon a post that said “name the first five songs on your iPod/playlist/phone/iTunes,etc alphabetically using A as 1, B as 2, and so on…” 513 more words

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Savannah State Chapter of Chi Alpha

Happy Friday beautiful people!

Earlier this month, while in Savannah, I had the grand opportunity to stop by my lovely Alma mater, Savannah State University.  Outside of meeting up with close friends and beloved professors, I was able to get my praise on as well with Chi Alpha Campus Ministries. 79 more words

Campus Ministries

Things I do to Stay Awake at Work

I never thought that my bad habit of falling asleep in class would follow me in to adulthood. Unfortunately for me, it did.

I work in a cubicle, typing away all day. 409 more words

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Skinny-Shaming (in the gym)

I always feel self-conscious when I go to the gym.

When people hear that they usually immediately start to think of a heavy-set woman sweating with a drenched back and armpits. 349 more words

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Painting with a Twist Review

Back on Valentine’s Day my boyfriend and I wracked our brains for something new we could do other than our usual dinner and a movie. My friend suggested we go went to a painting class. 439 more words

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The Joys of Coconut Oil

If you haven’t heard it by now, then I’m here to tell you: coconut oil is great. In my book, this is one trend that should never end. 308 more words

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The Big Chop - Will it make or break me?

When I was a child, I always thought my hair was a redeeming quality of mines. A little black girl that went to a public school where all the other little black girls wore weave seemingly 365 days of the year, I took pride in being one of the few that was proud to wear her actual hair out. 567 more words

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