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We Can Remember It For You Wholesale

I have an awful confession to make. I’ve never seen either of the two film versions of this story (both called Total Recall; one starring Arnold Schwarzenegger as Doug Quaid, the other starring Colin Farrell in that role), but I have read the story a number of times and know it quite well. 243 more words


The failed purchase

I first put in an offer on a place just before Easter. It was one of those places which had a guide price between a range and I put in an offer towards the bottom of the range. 745 more words


Mithina's Sad Tale

It’s an interesting contrast, given what I’ve recently learned about Dido Belle, to consider the story surrounding the sitter of this small watercolour by Thomas Bock. 239 more words

Project Glamourpuss

Offer accepted!

On Tuesday I had an offer accepted on a house! I first went to visit this house about a month ago. It’s a little terraced house set a bit back from the road, with an inset porch, one window downstairs and two upstairs and it’s painted white (although it needs repainting – it’s a bit grimy). 538 more words