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63 - ‘The more experienced the managers, the more they trust simple intuition’. Or do they?

Posted by Colin Weatherby                                                                         700 words

Some time ago I posted on an idea from Richard Farson’s book, Management of the Absurd – Paradoxes in Leadership… 639 more words


62 - "The way to make it in local government is to forget ambition and pigeon hole yourself before someone else does".

Posted by S. Dogood                                                               1000 words

This was the advice I received during a discussion with a colleague this week.  Pigeon hole yourself he advised and local government becomes a good place to work.  999 more words


Body Image

This kind of stuff written and promoted by magazines really annoys me.

Gymeth Paltrow looks really slim, and whilst this may be her natural build, I don’t think it should be promoted as a way people ‘should want to look’ as it just isn’t healthy. 58 more words


Dear ***.

Thank you for the offer of a wonderful sounding Job. However…

I am an artist; I am a designer, I am a writer, I am a conduit for new  ideas. 8 more words


Blame games, Beloved Agha and Our Teachers

“I have never heard of Agha Shahid Ali,” says Vice – Chancellor of Kashmir University(Greater Kashmir, March 24, 2015.)

How disheartening can it be! Before blaming him for not knowing the man who glorified Kashmir through his poetry, do we ask ourselves a few simple questions: 552 more words



Falling to a pulp on the floor

Heard the voices many;

The bliss was intoxicating….

Displaced she felt as she rouse;

Confusion written

On the faces that peered. 32 more words

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