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Miyajima & Hiroshima in a day

We travelled from Kyoto to Hiroshima (a two hour shinkansen journey) arriving mid morning. After a super quick check in to our very conveniently located hotel, the Sheraton Hiroshima Hotel, we were off to maximise our single day of exploring the area! 985 more words

Been there Don Det

We woke up and set off early at 8am for Don Det. Our trip was to be much easier and faster than our previous journey from Thailand to Laos and we were quite excited to have a few nights chilling out on the island. 990 more words

Republican Health Care ship sinking, and they're the ones sunk it

So here’s what I figure is the basic takeaway – or one of them – from the ongoing Repeal-Obamacare-Right-Now-Well Maybe-Not-Hold-Up-Damn-Nevermind disaster that we see unfolding before us… 421 more words

National News

Why not Alycia Meriweather for DPSCD Superintendent?

In 1975, the Detroit Public School Board appointed Arthur L. Jefferson as the General Superintendent of a school system governing over 200,000 students.

Remarkably, he was only 36 years old at the time. 725 more words


"Building more Roads to reduce Congestion drives Traffic up"

Nic Slater posted this excellent three-minute video, produced in Great Britain but with much relevance to the situation with the proposed Massey Bridge. You just can’t build your way out of congestion with roads, and eight out of ten  of these massive projects take out vital ecological habitat, and two-thirds of the projects destroy landscapes that were culturally important.   20 more words


Quality of Viewpoint

How an individual carries him or herself is a demonstration of inner and outer arrangement, organisation and manifestation. This is, in effect, a balance of psychological and physical processes within an external environment comprised of various elements that may be good, neutral or bad, etc. 649 more words

Institute Of Inner Scienes


Images and words play huge roles in making the world go round – more of a role than what most people realise.

Whether they are films, photographs, or the things we see with our very eyes, images help shape our understanding of the world and our place in it. 313 more words