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“If you had the option to choose to go anywhere in the world right now, would it be to ‘Somewhere’ or to ‘Someone’ ” – QOTD… 33 more words


While C is a surfer dude, Ada is Thor

I like to think of C and Ada as two different personalities. C is the surfer dude of programming languages, sitting on the beach, being cool with everything, “Hey, I’ll compile the array that’s out of bounds… no problem”. 631 more words


You are Only as Old as...

For those of us who have “some snow on the roof” the phrase, “you are only as old as you feel,” generally prompts a good laugh! 761 more words


Talk to Me

I’ve long thought, and counselors generally agree, that good communication between partners is one of the most essential elements of a solid and lasting relationship. Love may be the motivation to engage, but silent loving will not sustain a marriage. 596 more words

Living And Learning

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Trump and America's Trust in Authority

America is, for the most part, a “right-wing” country in its political and economic structure.

This country built itself upon representation through republican oversight and legislation of a consolidated ( 793 more words