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Trump is the Republican Frankenstein come to life

I’m sure Trump’s Republican National Convention speech was a smash hit with the Hitler Youth.

For the longest, I’ve shied away from the comparison that others have been making for quite some time now, namely that the Trump persona bears an eerily frightening resemblance to Adolph Hitler. 922 more words

National News

That 70's Show - Including things that should've been left in the 70's

You may wonder why I’ve taken it upon myself to give an opinion on a show that started in the 90’s and ended almost a decade ago. 1,048 more words

Amy Moretsele

A new appreciation

I will be the first to admit that sometimes I can be quick to judge. I will jump to conclusions, thinking that I have enough relevant information to make them, when in fact I haven’t been thorough enough in finding information to support these views. 615 more words

Amy Moretsele

To the writer

Tell us not about your pain, nor how badly you were hurt.
We do not wish to read of blame; waste not the words in fruitless work. 158 more words

Metered Rhyme

Sky Tower Above Expectations!

Nowadays I usually stay away from these kinds of towers, since I’ve already been up a few of them. But as I hadn’t much else to do in Auckland, I decided to give it a go. 220 more words


Stop Parking on Pavements!

In Indonesia, it is unusual to see people walking on the roads in their day to day life. Most of the people prefer to go by vehicles even for a short distance trip hence being the reason why Indonesia has gained the world’s attention for its dramatic traffic jams. 244 more words


A Moment of Happiness 

I hate it when people make comments such as ‘She only posts the good bits on social media!’ or ‘Her life isn’t as good as she makes it out to be!’ … 237 more words