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Detecting a scene's viewpoint character #writing

When I read a novel for my own pleasure, I read fast. I don’t stop to think ‘this is a new scene’ or ‘Buck is this new scene’s viewpoint character.’ I just inhale the story. 545 more words

Craft Of Writing


Tai reis – Päev 12 (Ko Lanta)

Ei läinudki kaua, kui saime oma esimese džungli doosi kätte, sest juba 4:45 öösel, äratas meid ilge kolin ja mürgel. 832 more words


The Good Actor

The creator of “House” returns to the prim and sterile halls of a metropolitan hospital in ABC’s “The Good Doctor.”

“So what separates this from the 7 billion other doctor shows that ape ‘House’?,” I hear you ask. 394 more words


Vang Vieng - Laos 🇱🇦💦🏞☀️

Our first two days in Laos were actually spent in Vientiane but oh my what a pile of poo! So I’m not going to spend anytime talking about my experience there! 1,726 more words

Viewpoint: Are you ready for a close-up? We will be - as soon as we've sorted our wardrobes.

I’ve a new respect for people who take part in televised events. Sitting on the sofa at home watching the box, it all looks so easy: participants chat happily, respond calmly to comments and answer questions. 879 more words



There was a new store in the old town section of our city that I visited recently.  As my husband and I walked in we quickly saw that it was an artisan shoppe and filled with many beautiful works. 462 more words


Asim Waqif's "Salvage" at the Vancouver Art Gallery's Offsite Location

Price Tags Vancouver has previously written about the “Fight For Beauty” art exhibition hosted by Westbank  developments  at a downtown hotel. The theme of this free exhibition is the “fight” it takes to create and build cities and communities as interpreted by the art. 260 more words