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Boss, You Don’t Deserve Me: Out Loud

After a long period of negotiations the project is won. The plan is put in place, the team is decided, and the work commences. Numerous hours are put in and people work day-in day-out without complaining. 1,071 more words


Viewpoint Voyage

Today we thought it would be nice to walk up to one of the viewpoints on Koh Tao. We had heard there was a few around so I got my trusty maps.me app out and found one just over 3kms away. 328 more words

"Time to stop thinking of our cities as one place and nature someplace else" The remarkable story of Vancouver Greenways-the first Sustainable Streets

Back in the early 1990’s, a forward thinking, mindful and driven group of young landscape architects, architects, planners and city lovers sat down for a coffee. 932 more words


Making enough money to meet basic needs is not too much to ask

My job at Wendy’s on Detroit’s east side doesn’t afford me enough to take care of my basics, and I think companies making billions off that labor should pay their workers enough to do that. 394 more words


Mitchel Resnick: Designing for Wide Walls

When discussing technologies to support learning and education, my mentor Seymour Papert (who, sadly, passed away last month) often emphasized the importance of “low floors” and “high ceilings.” For a technology to be effective, he said, it should provide easy ways for novices to get started (low floor) but also ways for them to work on increasingly sophisticated projects over time (high ceiling). 798 more words


Burak Arikan on Civic Data, the Foundational Tool to Fight Abuses of Power

Big data is the term used to define the perpetual and massive data gathered by corporations and governments on consumers and citizens. When the subject of data is not necessarily individuals but governments and companies themselves, we can call it civic data, and when systematically generated in large amounts, civic big data. 770 more words


What = good life?

I gave myself a mini-tatoo today: Wt=gd lf? What is a good life? It’s a question that got started in Bible study. Today I stayed busy with fun projects, shot some hoops, enjoyed a free lunch, and  finished the day with a cake and ice cream finale. 451 more words