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Up In Smoke

Will someone teach Republicans to pick smart fights?  Now they’re badgering Washington DC about its imminent marijuana legalization, and the outcome of their bullying is bound to leave the GOP bloodied and with diminished esteem.  304 more words



Recently celebrating a significant birthday  had me thinking some serious thoughts. One sobering thought being that birthdays are annual markers measuring significant stages of our lives. 553 more words

Canadians in Metro

Just sorting through images on my phone, and came across a couple that seem to be to reflect something about who we are.

Queuing for the bus alongside the New West SkyTrain station: 33 more words


41 - ‘Where does the customer fit into a service operation?’ A brief discussion of the work of Richard B. Chase.

Posted by Lancing Farrell                                                                                                     1200 words

In 1978 Richard B. Chase published his paper Where does the customer fit into a service operation? John Seddon says this article began the separation of front and back office operations; something that he believes has created many problems in public sector service delivery today. 1,142 more words


Learning for life

I like learning.  I like reading and watching videos and sitting in classes and just chatting with people about things new and long since learned.  My personal problem in the area of learning is that I can jump all over the place.   331 more words


The Purpose of Writing After Your Story is Told

As I take a final look at the last book of Amy’s story, I wonder about my reasons for starting my near finished, fourth book. I said what I wanted to say in the ‘Amy’ series. 322 more words



Not much to say

Nor a look

Just silence.

Mind unconvinced

Empathy shared

Just silence.

A loss irreplaceable

For the soul-mate

Just silence.

I hear her speak… 7 more words

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