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Growing Up Asian-American: A Daughter's Perspective

During my childhood, my parents were very protective of me.  I couldn’t ride my bike much farther than one or two blocks from our house; I couldn’t hang with my friends outside of school without a curfew.  1,117 more words


Thoughts on UKIP's By-election Defeat in Stoke-on-Trent

Recently I published an article (Have the Media Been Conditioning Us for a Paul Nuttall Victory in Stoke-on-Trent?) which debated whether negative coverage of UKIP leader Paul Nuttall would work to his favour in becoming the party’s first leader in the House of Commons. 1,271 more words


Context and objectivity

This post is inspired by pp24-25 of the course notes (OCA 2017) and a first reading of Richard Salkeld’s ‘Reading Photographs’ (2014, 90-93). Objectivity can be compromised, with the risk of bias being introduced, at several stages in the process of getting a photograph or other information to its viewer, even (it would appear) if the information presented is a discussion on objectivity. 895 more words


The Music of "La La Land" Deserves Oscar Recognition


The movie’s soundtrack is both contemporary and timeless

By Kara Conley, Current Staff

Winning seven Golden Globes is a miraculous feat in the film industry, but the success of “La La Land” doesn’t stop there.

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"News... fact or fiction?"

Filter here… filter there but no one wants to
admit what they see is like the blind men…
describing what an elephant really is, as all… 427 more words

American Backbone

Yes, Farrakhan is still the messenger for all people, not just blacks

To answer the question posed by Mr. Keith Owens in his article titled above; yes, Farrakhan is still the messenger not just for black people but for all people. 665 more words


5 lessons I learnt as a Mom

No two kids are alike and hence nothing that has worked with one kid will work with the second kid. I had always believed that parenting is simple and easy (Big Mistake) and assumed I will be a natural and a perfect model for Johnson’s baby ads! 692 more words