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Giving Back This Holiday Season

During the holidays, many parents fret over the materialistic messages their children are exposed to. We talk to a mom and an author who together have created a children’s book and game designed to make giving back to others a fun pursuit. 57 more words

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17-47 Segment 1: Terrorism in America, 1920


Over 95 years ago, New York City was the target of a terrorist attack that has yet to be solved. No suspects have ever been named in the attack that killed or injured over 400 Wall Street bystanders. 244 more words

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17-47 Segment 2: Developing Forensic Technology: New solutions for tracking and convicting criminals


The technology used to catch criminals is constantly being invented and then reinvented. From fingerprints to DNA, advancements in technology have allowed authorities to more accurately and efficiently locate and apprehend criminals. 374 more words

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Culture Crash 17-47: Hollywood’s Sexual Assault Scandals


Welcome to Culture Crash, where we examine American culture. What’s new and old in books, film, and entertainment.

It has been a turbulent few months for the entertainment industry- especially the film world. 383 more words

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Coming Up On Viewpoints Show 17-47


Terrorism in America, 1920

Americans pride themselves on never forgetting the attacks and terrorism of our history, but somehow a 1920 attack on New York City has slipped through the cracks. 70 more words

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17-46 Segment 1: How To Make Learning Math Simpler


It’s no secret: American students are way down the international list when it comes to math scores. Why is this? Is there something we could be doing to make learning math a simpler task? 104 more words

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17-46 Segment 2: Sleeping Soundly: How getting quality sleep can enhance our health


We all sleep, but the amount of sleep we get and the quality of that sleep can vary greatly. We talk to Matthew Walker, a professor at California-Berkeley, who says sleep in the single biggest thing we can do to help our physical and mental health both in the short-term and long-term. 93 more words

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