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17-34 Segment 2: The Overlooked Importance of College Professors


When choosing which college to attend, we often consider things like the school’s graduation rate or how successful its graduates are at landing jobs. Georgetown University Professor Jacques Berlinerblau says it’s even more important to examine professors — what their roles are, how they interact with students, and the involvement in their curriculum. 163 more words

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Culture Crash 17-34: Noah Hawley's novel "Before the Fall"


Noah Hawley is the man behind the TV shows “Fargo” and “Legion.” He also writes novels and his latest, “Before the Fall,” is a mystery thriller that has been winning awards and demands to be read. 19 more words

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The Demise of Cash

For generations, cash was the way Americans paid for things. But in the age of debit cards, credit cards, Venmo, and Bit Coin, cash is becoming less and less necessary for most of us. 71 more words

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17-33 Segment 1: Pregnancy Behind Bars


Thousands of pregnant women pass through our prison system each year. What happens to these ladies when they need the most medical care? We talk with Carolyn Sufrin who describes her experience as an OBGYN for California prison inmates in her book Jailcare: Finding the safety net for women behind bars. 231 more words

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17-33 Segment 2: The Struggles of Co-Parenting and Tips on Overcoming Them


Currently, about forty percent of marriages end in divorce. Partners typically go through tedious amounts of negotiation over the division of their assets and property, and eventually decide on a fair agreement. 313 more words

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Culture Crash 17-33: Filmmaking the old-fashioned way


The digital revolution has changed much of the world around us, including the movies we watch. We explore the virtues of filmmaking the old-fashioned way: on film. 18 more words

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Pregnancy Behind Bars

After working for years as an OB/GYN for inmates at San Francisco Jail, author Carolyn Sufrin wanted to tell the story of the women she helped. 89 more words

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