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18-41 Segment 1: Stutters, Stammers, and Vocal Fillers

If you’ve had to speak in public, you know the nerves that come with public speaking. So you probably also know the pain of umming, uhhing, or misspeaking. 61 more words

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18-41 Segment 2: Growing Up Poor in Rural America

Sarah Smarsh is a journalist and author who grew up poor on a farm in Kansas. She discusses life in rural America, how our culture treats people living in poverty, and the causes she attributes to America’s wage gap. 52 more words

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Culture Crash 18-41: Better Call Saul's unique pacing and why it works so well

Welcome to Culture Crash, where we examine American culture. What’s new and old in entertainment.

Television is a medium that heavily relies on shock. Over the years, cliffhangers have come to define TV. 278 more words

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18-40 Segment 1: The Joy of Retirement: How people can look forward to retiring and make it the best time of their lives

Retirement can be bittersweet. On one hand, it’s something you build toward your whole life, but it can also be intimidated to lose your purpose in the workplace. 71 more words

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18-40 Segment 2: When a Young Person Gets Sent to Adult Prison

There are millions incarcerated in American prisons, even many juveniles who were sentenced to long terms alongside adults. We talk to guests about how and why this happens, whether it should continue, and what life is like for young people behind bars. 84 more words

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Culture Crash 18-40: An Absolutely Remarkable Thing and the difficulty of classifying art

Welcome to Culture Crash, where we examine American culture. What’s new and old in books, film, and entertainment.

Sometimes, classifying art in one specific genre can be tricky. 300 more words

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18-39 Segment 1: Hank Green on the Internet, Fame, and Our Reaction Culture

Hank Green has a massive internet presence as a podcaster, vlogger, tweeter, and more. Now, he’s become an author. His new book, An Absolutely Remarkable Thing, deals with internet fame and our reactionary culture head-on. 58 more words

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