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17-12 Segment 1: Raising a Transgender Child


What should you do if you child tells you they feel they were born as the wrong gender? Do you force them to conform to their born gender or do you support their feeling of being born into the wrong body? 2,029 more words

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17-12 Segment 2: Education in Somaliland


Somaliland, a breakaway region of Somalia, is an impoverished region that isn’t officially recognized as a distinct country. Children born there are given very little opportunity, but Jonathan Starr is trying to change that. 1,902 more words

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17-11 Segment 1: What Goes Into a Spy Thriller Series


Mark Greaney is a New York Times bestselling author perhaps best known for collaborating with Tom Clancy on three books, but Greaney’s own spy series has been ongoing since 2009. 2,213 more words

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17-11 Segment 2: A Fresh Look at the Bill of Rights


The Bill of Rights may seem like they were simply added on to the end of the Constitution. Civil liberty lawyer Burt Neuborne offers a different outlook on the document. 2,214 more words

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17-10 Segment 2: Teaching Your Kids About Money


All parents want their kids to succeed and live good lives, and part of accomplishing that is raising them to understand the value of a dollar. 1,785 more words

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17-09 Segment 2: Sweatshops and Unfair Labor Practices


Corban Addison is a law-trained author who uses his books to shine a light on human rights violations. He joins the show to talk about researching his latest novel, … 1,991 more words

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