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You Shall Not Follow a Crowd to do Evil - Exodus 23:2

Exodus 23:2: You Shall Not Follow A Crowd To Do Evil

I would normally NOT copy a whole document that someone wrote, but Nathan put into words many concepts that I have been thinking. 1,171 more words

One Eight Seven (1997)

aka 187

D: Kevin Reynolds / 119m

Cast: Samuel L. Jackson, John Heard, Kelly Rowan, Clifton Collins Jr (as Clifton Gonzalez Gonzalez), Tony Plana, Karina Arroyave, Lobo Sebastian, Jack Kehler, Jonah Rooney, Demetrius Navarro, Richard Riehle… 1,191 more words


You Can Never Change What Someone Sees When You Have Been Accused of Something - by Targeted Individual / Survivor

This was a response to a post on a Petaluma Facebook site. Someone was accused of something along with a picture. The wise moderator of that site removed it. 409 more words

911 - An Excuse to Throw, "Innocent Until Proven Guilty" Out the Proverbial Window

I’m finished for the night. For now. Read the article from the third address down. A man is in prison because of things he said probably under torture from another country AND because of this clause in the law after 911. 280 more words

Vigilantism on the Rise (Oh, Really?)


Acting in concert also bolstered their courage, diminished their sense of individual responsibility for the suffering they inflicted, and virtually eliminated their risk of getting caught and punished for their illegal deeds (Burrows)

Online vigilantes - hackers are waging war online

Cyber-attacks against business and the government are on the rise – but how is this being conducted, and is it for the common good? Say hello to activist hackers. 2,010 more words

Hard News