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Canadian Police Come Out Against Vigilante Group

The police have spoken out against the vigilante group Creep Catchers in Canada, claiming they interfere with investigations and send real predators into hiding while shaming others who are not guilty. 12 more words

Sex Offender Registry

Vigilantism vs Sustainability

Vigilantism is explained by the Oxford Dictionary as “law enforcement undertaken without legal authority by a self-appointed group of people”. I received via snail-mail two postcards describing how to protect myself, or more, the house, against burglars. 250 more words

St. Andrews

Gormley: Here's why it's never OK to punch a Nazi

As authoritarian strongmen pummel liberal democracy into nothing more than a lump of majoritarian abuse, people will resist. Some will resist with violence. These self-styled heroes will imagine they’re undermining the authoritarian. 664 more words


Laugh and Sing and Where Did They Go?

I (or Ann) was driving on my way home last night. The usual heavy traffic with people with one headlight out or tail light out, etc. 186 more words

Philippine President Dexter

Here’s a fun story. Rodrigo Duterte, president of the Philippines, is a bit of a controversial character. One particular reason why he’s controversial is because he has this little policy about drug users, which is that he feels it’s OK for people to just kill them, whatever, no big deal. 479 more words


"The Last Resort of the Thinking and The Good."

A comment by Joshua Bennett on my previous post regarding militia reminded me of a passage from Richard Henry Dana, Jr.’s book Two Years Before the Mast… 1,108 more words