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Future Home of Sex Offender Destoryed in Second Arson Fire

This is the second time this home has gone up in flames, since the community was notified a convicted child sex offender, Howard Nyberg, was going to move in.

via Women Against Registry

"Keep our kids safe from predators" FB page on the rampage again

CG v Facebook Ireland & Another NIQB 11 (20 February 2015) – read judgment

The plaintiff was a former sex offender who had been identified on a Facebook page run by the second defendant called “Keep Our Kids Safe From Predators 2″. 1,400 more words

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PHL102: Intro to Ethics: So today in class . . .

In a discussion on Hobbes’s Social Contract, I was a Communist Dictator and sentenced two students to a year in prison each, brought the Joker to Toledo, OH, where he began kicking puppies and knifing the homeless, and then brought in Batman to stop him.  849 more words

Millennium - The Judge (Review)

This February and March, we’re taking a trip back in time to review the fourth season of The X-Files and the first season of Millennium… 4,112 more words


Man assaulted by vigilante

Man assaulted by vigilante at Walmart

This article attracted my attention because gang stalking is also called community policing, which is not much different from vigilantism, or taking the law into your own hands. 91 more words


Anarchy versus Libertarianism

I suppose it could accurately be said that all anarchists are libertarians, but not all libertarians are anarchists.

But I believe anarchists are to libertarianism what socialists are to Democrats. 1,219 more words

Gary Nolan

Eden Lake (2008)

— contains various spoilers —

Me and ‘him indoors’ have been working our way through a list classic films that either one of us, or often both of us, have not previously seen.  828 more words