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Infinite ammo

In your justice no one escapes
Your ballistic ammo at all time high
Psychological inept

Could have been a good one
Could have been another victim… 39 more words

In your Vengeance

It is good that you fostered your own
It was taken from you
You took it upon yourself
To make things right for you

Using nothing but your own resources… 46 more words

Decent New York Times Article on Detroit Home Depot Vigilante Tatiana Duva-Rodriguez

I don’t always read New York Times articles even on topics of interest to me because they are frequently so biased, but a colleague forwarded me… 576 more words


Citizen-Protector Gone Wild Redux: Civilian fires gun at suspected Big R shoplifters

I used ţo live in South Bend, Indiana and visited Elkhart often so this recent news story caught my eye. Like Tatiana Duva-Rodriguez, who is now being… 63 more words


Dexter and Arrow

I know, I know. Two shows you probably wouldn’t think of as being remotely similar to each other. Unless, you know, you’re me. Most of you already know I wrote my PhD on… 236 more words


Night Fare (2015)

First published by TheHorrorShow

“There are no deadlines that never come due, no debts never paid.”

This motto is displayed in the rear of a Parisian black cab for its passengers to read. 442 more words

Vigilante Nation: World Daily News Story (30/09/15)

Vigilantism has been an enduring occurrence in South Africa since the apartheid (which officially ended in 1994), and mob activity has increased sharply since, particularly throughout the last decade. 452 more words