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Vigilante Biffers

The soldiers of Odin and the gobshites of Britain First

The Biffers echo chamber is working well, we see. No sooner did they post this news article about vigilantism in Finland and the obedient neo-nazi sheeple came up with the goods. 108 more words

Britain First

Sex Offender Registries: For Safety or Retribution?

Sex offenders are constantly the focus media attention, sending shivers down the communities’ spine, instilling a fear that their children, friends or family may be the next victim. 431 more words


"Murderers Stop at Nothing" - 20 March, 1886

In this issue, which also includes another example from Nast on Chinese immigration policy, two murdered white men lie on the streets of Seattle, Washington, then a U.S. 491 more words

Chinese Exclusion

Criminal Acts

About two weeks ago, Secretary of State John Kerry said that the attacks by apparently ISIS-connected terrorists in Paris were an extreme kind of crime, “indiscriminate”.  604 more words

Social Issues

Infinite ammo

In your justice no one escapes
Your ballistic ammo at all time high
Psychological inept

Could have been a good one
Could have been another victim… 39 more words

In your Vengeance

It is good that you fostered your own
It was taken from you
You took it upon yourself
To make things right for you

Using nothing but your own resources… 46 more words

Decent New York Times Article on Detroit Home Depot Vigilante Tatiana Duva-Rodriguez

I don’t always read New York Times articles even on topics of interest to me because they are frequently so biased, but a colleague forwarded me… 576 more words