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Samaritan Year One: The Mistress Part II


The room was dimly lit. There was a large round table with tall backed chairs around it. The Dragon’s Head crest was in the center of the table. 4,019 more words

Crime Fighting

Samaritan Year One: The Mistress Part I


The men had gathered at the docks. It was a dark night. These men were Triads. They had been summoned by a new player called simply The Mistress. 1,378 more words

Crime Fighting

Samaritan Year One: The Slasher


The young couple exited the club and made their way to the car. They were drunk and handsy so much so that they didn’t see the dark figure coming up behind them. 1,912 more words

Crime Fighting

Vigilantism is terrorism

According to Augustine, no amount of evil-doing justifies a private individual from taking justice or punishment into his own hands. Vigilantism, he implies, is merely a form of terrorism. 326 more words

Augustine: Political Writings

CHRISTIAN SUPREMISTS - When This Group Flexes Its Muscles, I Know I am Doin' Good - Truck Tries to Hit Me?

Can’t say for sure if this is or not. But, I can say for sure that the driver of this truck was facing north at a street that is perpendicular to Rainier. 141 more words

Targeted Individuals

Bosses. I Really Don't Think All of Them Know. Syncope and ANYTHING You Don't Understand....And a Stupid Move by a Gangstalker!!!

This Neanderthal started saying, “Why are y…..”. He would have finished it with “ou taking a picture of my car?” I had only said in my irritating high pitched voice, “Oh, a cherry (old fashioned term for a cool car that is in prime condition) car and a skeleton fish too!” I was not taking a pic. 754 more words

A DARK, DARK Place……

This post is not specifically fitness related but I need to work through some things and this seemed to be the best place for me to accomplish that task. 1,554 more words