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Travel in the Age of Terrorism

In light of recent terror attack in London yesterday, I started thinking about the way in which we think about travel to other countries and our safety. 640 more words


Not One More Overdose * Lost Spirit * Grieving Heart

Addiction is affecting so many people. There are so many people suffering addiction and you may not even know it. They are our mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews and cousins.. 188 more words


Devon Animal Save On DevonLive.com


A little while ago I had a brief interview with a journalist from Devonlive.com which is an amalgamation of local papers here. 63 more words

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My Guest Post On Vegan Gangsta!


I saw a call for guest bloggers on Facebook from “Vegan Gangsta”, so I took the opportunity to talk about Slaughterhouse Vigils and what they mean to me. 39 more words

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Nationwide Demonstrations Planned At Police Stations Across Ireland.

Nationwide Demonstrations Planned At Police Stations Across Ireland.

A national mobilisation against police corruption is underway as part of the public response to recent uncovering of systemic abuses within An Garda Siochana, the Irish police force. 252 more words

Devon Animal Save Slaughterhouse Vigil - 29.12.16

We arrived at Dawn West Meats in Hatherleigh, Okehampton at around 8:30am and made our way to the gates.  It is a strange feeling walking to a slaughterhouse knowing we are going to see beautiful, innocent beings led to their death. 926 more words

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Devon Animal Save - Okehampton Slaughterhouse Vigil 19th December 2016 (A Personal Account)

You see them seeing you.  It’s not a fleeting glance, but a prolonged stare, they hold eye contact which is an experience I try (but ultimately fail) to put into words.  457 more words

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