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I used to live in Taipei, a metropolitan bubble. For the decade that I spent there I lived in multiple houses. But, the most memorable one was the most recent. 184 more words


[FIC] Absolute

As Her Butler, He knows very well that there is nothing more absolute than Her Order

((Big Thanks to fakepicasso @artfantasy for the poster ^^)) 1,604 more words

Super Junior

Should Have Called Ahead

“I’m telling you Emma, it doesn’t look as if anyone works here. It probably went out of business when my grandfather died.” Carrianne went behind the desk and started looking through some papers. 484 more words


Living with a Longer Radius

Yes, roam far, grasp life and conquer it, learn much and live. Your fetters are knocked off; you are really free. . . . Do not repose every night as villagers do. 380 more words


To the One Who Knows

The mythologies, those vestiges of ancient poems, the world’s inheritance, still reflecting some of their original hues, like the fragments of clouds tinted by the departed sun, the wreck of poems, a retrospect as the loftiest fames,–what survives of oldest fame,–some fragment will still float into the latest summer day and ally this hour to the morning of creation. 537 more words


A Killer Deal (So Punny)

(Alright so I wrote this little thing in like ten minutes based off a prompt, and the only reason I’m posting this is because I really like the pun at the very end :U) 454 more words


When The Dad(s) Met Him


By Bella Jo

Langit tampak cerah, angin berhembus pelan memberikan rasa sejuk sekilas. Jalanan tampak lengang. Porsche merah yang tengah dikendarai seorang lelaki berpakaian formal rapi berhenti di depan kediaman minimalis dengan hamparan halaman hijau yang luas. 1,584 more words