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[Pick Your "C"] Just Stay Here Until I Can Let You Go

Just Stay Here Until I Can Let You Go
a Vignette by Graenita

Lee Taeyong | Haechan | Kim Doyoung
Brotherhood | PG-13
Theme : Coffee-4
1,403 more words

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Vignette: The Boy and the Wolf

A curious smell, the hound noted. A blend of coffee beans, mint shampoo, and peanut butter trailed the solitary man; woven into this cloud of smells were traces of kiwi, cupcake, jasmine. 1,913 more words


[Pick Your "C"] Resensi


LDS, 2017

NCT Jaehyun (Jung Yoonoh) & Winwin (Dong Sicheng) // Friendship, School Life // Vignette // General Audiences // prompt: Tyndall effect 1,915 more words

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Choose What You Love.

My beloved jade lamp

When I put together a room, I always think about a quote that I saw from the famous designer Bunny Williams; “Find that object that sings to you and buy it.” 368 more words


[Pick Your “C”] Meeting by Chance in the Future


重なり合う道があるから 歩き続けよう 未来へ

Meeting by Chance in the Future

Our paths will overlap, so I’ll keep walking towards the future

a science-fiction vignette by Joanne Andante… 1,893 more words

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The fluorescent lights in the cell ceiling hummed into life and once again the routine began. As he heaved himself up from the hard slab that pretended to be a bed, he stared at the seamless white walls. 2,762 more words


From a Book's Perspective

These paper pages bind me to you. The ink, a symbol of our forever bound spirits. No, this does not mean we cannot be separated– of course, we will go our various ways. 120 more words