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Vox Rea | Dose Me Up

A house of unforgotten prayer

My heaven when the Earth is bare

A silence from the ones who don’t cease to speak

I am sorry to the road I seek… 8 more words


always been like this right down the line

mebbe the laziest man I know

you don’t call he says when we meet

which deserves a strong answer

I called you yesterday half ten in the a m… 92 more words

just kept on spaffing words

so much to misconstrue

I was listening half awake

as a body does

all those years in school

was it me or was it the way… 75 more words

we were not that


very early in the a.m.

came a knock at the door

there they were the police

wanting to talk of a murder

done many years before… 133 more words

they will try you

I hear you write he goes

wondering when

you might

set the world on fire?

& I could have gone angry

could have given sarcasm… 50 more words

Drinker | Stay (Porches Remix)

I miss hanging onto you by a thread

Cause you loved jumping into the deep end

Taking me with you

As we sank down


Erotic Vignette: "Leather Dress"

I happened upon a leather dress today.

Caught between two sequin numbers worn through sixteen drunken club escapades, her subtle, graphite hue caught my eye, then my fingers, then my hands. 291 more words