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Saturday Memories

Too much on today,
Get up and get on,
Feeling hungry,
That’s unusual,
Is food a distraction?

Have a bowlful of cereal,
Spooning the milk in, 764 more words


Falling in love

I was at an event at the 92nd street Y the other day, a conversation between Laurie Anderson and Neil Gaiman. During the Q&A they were asked if they could mention a moment when an artist had touched them in such a way that they were a different person afterwards. 554 more words

Self Reflection

The Phoenix

Something lives inside of her… A fiery longing for something more. A soul and body can only take so much heat. It grows and grows as she tries to conceal it, but it’s hard to tame the flames. 44 more words

Creative Writing

Candy And Strangers (and Julie)

Julie, aren’t you ready yet?

Almost, I just need about five to ten minutes, then we’ll be out the door.

I could swear that you said the exact same thing just about ten minutes ago. 358 more words


P is for Peter Pan Park #atozchallenge #amwriting

Please note that there are several Peter Pan Park throughout the world. This is none of them. :)

Have You Met Me?

Two brothers at Peter Pan Park, a vignette… 249 more words

Flash Fiction

Do Surprises Ever Cease?

Some people surprise you at every turn.

We came and stayed together and then went our different ways years ago. Nevertheless, kept in touch from time to time. 738 more words


The Calm After the Storm

The sky was dark with clouds overhead–the moon and stars nowhere to be found. A single candle sat in front of her as she gazed into the flame. 192 more words