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fantasy dream monster woman

fantasy dream monster, kind of “The Thing” of Fantastic Four movie, but much more “sexy”; and a woman running away.


Writing Prompt 42

Are you bored with promotions yet? Yes? No? Well, here’s another one. The Man Behind The Bar is free worldwide for today only (May 28). You can get a copy  359 more words


Loving You (Part 2)

As the seasons passed into years, Billy faded into the recesses of my mind, where all precious memories are held, but not thought about until those moments when one is alone with nothing else to ponder; then those memories rise to the surface of the mind—just behind one’s eyes—and project themselves again, unbidden and uncontrollable. 886 more words


a vignette best served cold

Chip’s facial monitor flashed red emoji over and over. Anger. Anger. Anger. He stabbed the point of his longsword into the ground, using it momentarily to steady himself. 354 more words

Download Vignette For Android For Free

Download vignette for android for free

Got a new andorid smartphone or tablet? Well, here are the best android apps of all time to be loaded on your device asap. 566 more words

[Mystic in Europe] MIRROR STATUES

A Vignette by Graenita

Main Cast : Park Jisung
Genre : Mystery, Dark  | Length : Vignette   | Rating : PG-13

Elizabeth Queen Forest 1,697 more words

NCTFFI's Fanfiction

Childhood Friends

Childhood Friends: Kitty

A childhood friend,
What is he to me?
Beginning or end,
What can we be?

Family or love,
Both, or maybe none? 70 more words