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Unconfined Thoughts - Whispering Stories

All around me, I see stories. In the crack of the sidewalk, I can see a dream that once was with suede shoes trotting on the worn gum paths. 444 more words



I wear so many shoes since I always stand in others’ shoes. Thinking in their places, trying to see from their angles; sometimes, just sometimes, I feel as though I am intruding on others’ room for thoughts. 24 more words


The Cure

Daniel had been tracking them for a day when he finally found them. In all honesty, it hadn’t been very difficult. His preys were trudging through the forest carelessly, crushing branches of yew, the only trees strong enough to survive after the catastrophe. 650 more words

Writing Prompt

#VignetteSeries – Troubled

Just some interplay today.

"I have never been so troubled as I am right now."
"Right now."
"Yes, right now."
"That's put a dampener on things." 95 more words


Unconfined Thoughts 18 - Give & Take Away

Have you ever met someone and your heart ached for them? Their story was so tragic; it felt like it was too carefully constructed to destroy every aspect of their lives. 166 more words


#2 - Muse

It was around the age of fourteen when you first came into my life, I think. Or perhaps you have always been with me, and I never knew. 275 more words