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Technically, she is walking her dog, but as I watch from a sunroom window, I see she is dancing.  Her little mutt is trotting at the end of the leash while she moves to music pulsing through the ear buds; she steps sideways as she slides forward, then shifts back, her arms slowly rising, holding, falling.  386 more words

After you left...

After you left,
What remained of me
Was not a corpse,
But might as well have been.



Some words don’t talk, they kill

Some moments don’t leave, they haunt

Some people just disappear, but they never really leave.


Whiskers of Time

The giant-like fan standing a meter’s length away from the bed hummed loudly blowing around hot air inside the compact room where the temperature is already 39-degree Celsius.  685 more words



I, I can do this.

Head down, a sigh, shoulders slumped.

Maybe I can’t.

A glance out across the water. Calm, still; nothing like the churning battle going on inside. 89 more words