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Living in a World of Stone and other 100 word vignettes

Thy Thirst shall never be Slaked

So that the human world might not decay

A beautiful and strong god-man

In his natural prime

Was taken to a mountain top… 563 more words


#NaNoWriMo2017 Day 15: "Self-Abduction"

I know from the smell of Narcoleptic Sam and the torturous scream of the tracks under my feet that this is the Blue Line and I’m headed northwest — probably between Division and Damen. 433 more words


Life Lessons: The Ride & The Fall

I witnessed a man fall off his motorcycle tonight. He was driving at a much faster pace than the stopped traffic, between the lanes, and drove straight into a car that was turning left, coming from the opposite direction. 379 more words


Salt water lapped the sandy shores. Grey roads wound between shadeless green hills. White butterflies fluttered all over the island, dripped from sage brush and scattered at any approach. 62 more words

Short Fiction

‘ a piece of revenge ‘ by gsashasl
Kim Myungsoo — Jung Soojung’
romance //  G // vignette

___________________________________________ 1,066 more words

Fan Fiction