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Talking Bollocks

I’ve been treating Michael for almost three years now. His case is one of the more unusual in the literature, in fact he’s something of a special case. 538 more words

It’s a fresh morning, flapping my hand the Zambian way, looking for a ride north. Rigs roaring by, running to the Congolese border- there’s hope some trucker could use some cash from me for his beer. 48 more words


[Job Seeker] My Boss

|| My Boss ||

Written by Ayumu-Chaan.

Nam Woohyun x Lee Mijoo

AU, Life, a bit fluff/romance || Vignette || PG-13… 1,091 more words


Pee-Paw's Tater Brain

Heydee-hoo there neighbo! Droppin’ a peep in ta letcha knah you better get yer kickin boots on. Yer Pee-paw’s back at the saloon hooting and hollering at all the hollies and hanks how he seen the legendary outlaws Gosh Darnold and Josh Dammit! 173 more words

Austin R Ryan

Drawn to Flame

I find admiration in a moth, whose stupidity in throwing itself into a flame is often mocked and criticized. But, I beg to differ, for I don’t see fire as a symbol for the fiery pits of hell. 79 more words



The name’s Jebediah Odediah Pustaine. The fourth. Yep, I was born into a long line of Pustaines. Doctor said I was nothin’ but a little streak the day I was born. 320 more words

Ultimate insult

The air crackled with the static of her quiet fury. Their relationship – once a primrose path through paradise – was now a briny, broiling ocean between their respective islands, through which the fighting fish of their mutual antipathy swam. 314 more words