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City Lights Bookstore

The bookstore’s location between the exotic Chinatown and rows of sensual strip clubs embraced the atmosphere of wonder that a traveler feels when they enter the shop. 288 more words


Wednesday Vignette

The day after the vernal equinox,
a crane fly is outside
with the cold snow drifts,
and I am inside,
watching through delicate wings
for evidence of spring.

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The Way to Comfort Her

The Way to Comfort Her

story by Rosé Blanche

 Xu Minghao , Tan Rie , Wen Junhui

Fluff, Slice of Life



Slow down. 1,114 more words


Park Avenue Stupor

The man sat with a wine glass in his left hand and a dog leash in his right. He wore a sophisticated charm that could have been home at any extravagantly overpriced boutique. 256 more words


#VignetteSeries - Lost

Author’s Note: This is a snippet I’m working on, where the investigator, Mortimer Headlock, begins to lose his cool. Headlock is a man who never loses his cool! 80 more words


Wake up!

The Green, ’10

Now as your times start to get rough, And you feel your losing love, It’s cause you never took the time to trust, the one and only man above.



‘Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, can I have your attention, please? The act you are about to witness is no mere folly. 2,535 more words