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Weekly Photo Challenge: Twisted

In response to WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Twisted.

I have a twisted sense of humour. As it doesn’t lend itself quite easily to photography, here’s the twist in the twisted form of twisted twigs.



How easy we think it is
To wade through life
With a soul that knows yours
Voluntarily blindsiding the truth:
Their power to poison you from the roots


Pretty Pitcher

I hope you had a good weekend.  I bet you watched at least some of the royal marriage.

I came across this pretty pitcher and knew it was going to live with me.  71 more words

Sowing Memories

I have many hopes and dreams for our garden and yard this summer. When we bought our house in August 2016, the yard had not exactly been well-maintained by its previous owners. 590 more words


Put Your Heart in the Hands of a Cynic

You’re a marvelous being, he says to her, eyes squinting for a better view behind the smudgy rose-colored lenses of his spectacles, common sense folded neatly on the white linen tablecloth beside the sweating half-empty/full water carafe as he reclines in a slight wicker chair on a warm, impressionistic day outside the café he’s only just imagined could be the setting of a turning point in a life story called… 13 more words


01000001 : Selamat Datang 25 [2/3]

An orific written by thehunlulu ©2018

“De, tolong koreksi sikap sempurna Asher.”


Nancy dan Deanna minggat dari kelas. 1,157 more words


Extracts from a book I'll never write

I look at my feet, the space between my toes and empty space and the expanse of sea before the line where it meets the sky. 74 more words