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[Vignette] Falling Into Pieces

falling into pieces

a vignette by tsukiyamarisa

BTS’ Jin as Killian & OC’s Icy

1000+ words | AU, Fantasy, Angst | 15

Ia lupa bahwa kutukannya masih dan tidak akan bisa terhapus. 1,559 more words


Home for the Holidays

Yes, this time comes every year. The countdown to Thanksgiving, Christmas and then New Year’s Eve.

This is a busy time for companies like ours. We are already booked up for hard-flooring jobs through November. 197 more words

Window Coverings


A continuous thunderous boom echoed through the woods.  The curious visitors followed the sound to a two room cabin deep in the woods.  The moon covered by a hazy shroud left an eery gray glow surrounding the small home. 896 more words

Short Story

[Vignette] Secret Mission

Miss Of Beat R

Kim Jongin | Bae Suzy

Romance | Police!AU

“Though, he may be miles a part from her,” 1,719 more words

Bae Suzy "Miss A"

Bookstore Therapy

A punch of depression.  That was what I felt last night in the twilight hours of the day.  I was early meeting a friend and so I wandered into a bookstore.  102 more words


' “People are investing a lot of money in this, and they want that product to be out there a long time. '

Vignette inspired by: What’s the Secret to LeBron James’ Athletic Invincibility? CNN, October, 10, 2016

It still had the black hair that never seemed to stop growing, the gray eyes mired in indecisiveness that shifted from green to blue-green depending on the light, the lines around the mouth that deepened with the slightest lift of lips. 1,069 more words

Short Story

On the Pretentiousness of Travelers #7

Yesterday at the Louvre I saw twenty tourists taking pictures of a picture of the Mona Lisa.  It was so cute how they all obeyed the no photographing the Mona Lisa warning.  152 more words