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A young man stood in front of the not-yet-opened Bank of India door. The light from the elevator bank turned the glass to a mirror. He tied a a standard knot. 17 more words

With Infinite Time Before Us frame 2

Frame 2 Manuela

Heart failure, a broken heart, a lost father. Cleaning out pipes and tuning out news in favor of the underground stream running directly under. 182 more words

Short Pieces

La Ni-ña

La Ni-ña

They said, what is needed to hold out is pain.

Prompt #5: La Nina 1,623 more words


Passing By

Passing by glance

worlds unknown

stories never dreamed

A Little Bit Of The Everyday

Writing Exercise: 5 Words into Fiction

There’s a writer’s exercise I believe to be great fun (pretty sure I’ve shared about it here before). I highly recommend!

You’re given five random words by someone, anyone, and must fuse them together to create a vignette or flash fiction piece. 375 more words

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"But the creationists also see a more sinister agenda than naked greed.

Vignette inspired by: God’s Chosen Planet, Slate, April, 14, 2015

A small blue marble striated with white and laced with green. Sweep back to a shadowed sphere of gray-white against a backdrop of sable and dabs of dying white. 580 more words


Day 3: The Argument

The man moved his arms with a great rapidity. One had to wonder if he was imitating the movements of a duckling attempting to takeoff from a pond’s surface, or if he was simply excited. 272 more words

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