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How short is short enough?

I’ll be brief. According to Litmus, our attention span when reading email has risen from 10.4 to 11.1 seconds in the past five years. If you are an average adult reader, you have just run out of patience.


The Wych of the Barrow

Dun Crathach was a sprawling complex, located at the summit of a large, steep rocky hill. It rose abruptly from a circular plain, surrounded by impassable mountains. 1,525 more words


The Naked Queen

The plain of Maragh Tor had been selected as the site for a meeting of the tribes.  Here would be debated and discussed the matter of the theft of the dead god’s amulet. 2,765 more words


Claudia Rankine - Don't Let Me Be Lonely

Full of surprise and humour and melancholy, this is a beautiful book that offers insight after insight.

Even to try to characterise what Don’t Let Me Be Lonely is about risks over-simplifying a complex and subtle piece of writing – mis-representing as about this or that. 240 more words

Vignettes. Part 1. Complete Graphs via right-adjoints to forgetting.

The following is widely-, though not widely-enough-known.

Let a category of graphs of your choice. Probably any reasonable category of graphs will work for you, … 214 more words