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Day 24: Vivid

He’d dreamed of Clay: bold, beautiful Clay, who’d taught him to love but told him to stay. “Look after your brother,” he’d said, the last words Hell would hear from him; he’d died on Euboea, in service of command, as all loyal soldiers go. 1,123 more words

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Day 23: Better

Hell’s fist connected with a krack against his jaw, hard, three times, rattling his vision. Axton staggered back in a snaking sidewind of steps, the sole of his boot catching on the dirt and sending him to the ground. 913 more words

Borderlands Fan Fiction

The Greed Of Need

I have no words
to tell you
how gravely
i need you.

A need so naked
it is sacred.

You consume me.

Feed the greed… 71 more words


Day 22: Pattern

Ellie’s hand slapped him lightly on the back as she said, “How much more’ve you got to do on that auto rifle?”

Hell leant back with a stretch. 1,893 more words

Borderlands Fan Fiction