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Laura and Emma - A vignette feel of ease, movement and New York charm

Laura and Emma is a story about a complex, but rich on depth mother-daughter relationship, told in vignettes throughout the 80s and the 90s.

I read Kate Greathead’s debut over two evenings, engrossed in Laura’s wealthy world of simplicity (in spite of her unlimited resources, she doesn’t want to live opulence) and the delightful bubble of raising Emma. 278 more words

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We were on the balcony. He was leaning on the flower box, distracted by the heat. His elbow slipped in, speckled his shirtsleeve with dirt. He brushed it off with his hands, and then the dirt was on his palms. 99 more words


House Arrest for the Mayor

Today’s development is that the mayor is under house arrest, with a stiff bail set (200,000 Bolivianos). He’s not allowed to do his mayor duties, go to the municipal offices, or have contact with any of the other people who work in the municipality. 67 more words


The mayor of Cochabamba, who was arrested suddenly last evening on charges of “overcharging the sellers (in China)” for school backpacks with notebooks, pencils, pens and markers in them, for the municipality to give for free to all the school children of this city, has not been released on bail. 251 more words



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An LGBTQ+ coming of age story. Meet Caleb, Billy, Wela, and Madison, the talking Barbie doll.

Z.C. Angel

Nightmare Cabaret

It starts with a room full of screens:

All of them broken, none of them black.

Echoes of a voice that isn’t yours.

Nobody’s at all, in fact. 534 more words


Prayer Request

Sudden turmoil in our city, which hits very close to home. The young Christian mayor of the city, who does not belong to the Movimiento Hacia Socialismo (M.A.S.) was accused of corruption and charged and jailed, all in the course of this one afternoon and evening. 78 more words