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Favorite Outdoor Vignettes

Buddha statues,  pottery and garden whimsy,  these are a few of my favorite things …….pertaining to outdoor vignettes.

My favorite outdoor vignettes, regardless of the size or type of space you have to enjoy outdoor living,  does… 520 more words

Home Decor

Defining Man

Man, the tool maker.

Great apes, dolphins, sea otters, crows, jays, octopuses: Dude, get a grip.

Man, the user of language.

Dolphins (again), orcas, bats: … 46 more words


Postmodern Smoke

Written February 2016

Wednesday: what a dispiriting day for new beginnings. On days like these I just want to hide beneath a blanket with a mug of tea. 214 more words


Diary of a Head Cold

Thursday: Barbarians at the gate

Riders, sir! Enemy advancing! Portcullis down! Drawbridge up! All able bodies to the walls! Defend the city! Heaven help us, they’ve breached our defenses. 335 more words


Ballroom Blitz

Songs into Stories 5:

Song: Ballroom Blitz by Sweet

“Oh it’s been getting so hard, living with the things you do to me.” I softly whisper to my sleeping partner before slipping out of bed. 1,092 more words


About Amy Carmichael of Dohnavoor

Excerpts from “Candles in the Dark” by Amy Carmichael:

(from the Introduction:)  “Her power to help those in need came from HER TIMES OF LISTENING TO HER LORD.   194 more words