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Changing Skins

The disorientation you feel after putting down a good, or even a mediocre book, is a testament to the human tendency of escapism. You might not want to get lost in the contrived philosophical, borderline impossible lives of unreal teenagers and yet, and yet in a whirlwind of language and good metaphors, you awake after living in the dreams of those very characters. 137 more words



i am spinning

brightly-colored with giggles

unknowingly reaching for you…

i am dizzied

too quickly stunned to stillness

by your eyes arresting me, shattering lullabies… 23 more words


# Untitled 35 (Youth)


When we were young

Our bodies –




Loose lips.

Full hips – quiff

(Just the head,

Tip of conscious.)

“But fucking ain’t conscious.” 13 more words


Walk in the Woods

We were walking in the woods together. Or were we? I knew where we were, but only in a physical sense. He thanked me for inviting him to the island and for our walk through the nature preserve. 171 more words


'Visions in Vignettes'

“The Age of Consent”

1. Why
2. It Ain’t Necessarily So
3. Screaming
4. No More War
5. Love and Money
6. Smalltown Boy
7. Heatwave…
701 more words
Graphein Freelance


We’re gunning for the finish line. Two miles. One.

We can smell freedom, and homecooked meals. And endless summer days spent under the deodar. Skidding pebbles across the stream. 53 more words


Three Phone Calls: Two Friends, One Grandparent

The first call interrupts my watching Terminator with my siblings. My brother answers and hands me the phone. I leave the room. When I return, they can’t tell I’ve had the worst news. 77 more words