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Aww, Rats

In 1900, farmer Patrick Ryan, who lived near Cumberland (Allegany County), devised a unique way to rid his farm of rats that were ruining his corn, wheat and other crops. 44 more words


Brisk Short Walk

Just a little further through the pines you said

it would all be worth it, this brisk short walk

my head way weary and my legs withheld … 155 more words


Upstyled Home Magazine is new from Matthew Mead

Matthew Mead has long been on the home style scene & I’ve mentioned him here before. If you aren’t familiar with him, now is the time to check out his latest project, the… 469 more words

aranya #3: drought

I listened to her song. It was the colour of solitude. Like a dusty sliver of light in the gathering darkness.

Manasa, the spider, knew when the heavens would be benevolent. 754 more words

Could Be Verse

here is a first date

Here you are sitting across from me. A cup of shaved ice flavored white with some “Jamaican rum” syrup (which tasted a little like stale Pina colada)  sat in front of you, melting into sticky sweetness like I was while watching you fish out a Jenga piece from the tower.   217 more words


#2 - Muse

It was around the age of fourteen when you first came into my life, I think. Or perhaps you have always been with me, and I never knew. 275 more words


Luang Prabang, Laos

A dear friend allowed me to do a painting from her remarkable photo of three Buddhist monks. With street scenes like this, Luang Prabang – the old capitol of Laos – feels as if you’re stepping back in time.