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Day 03: Alone in the Dark

The previous day, Axton had risen alone and retired alone, in the encroaching dark of Pandora’s true night. And, once again this morning, he woke up by himself on one side of his bed, the other chilled from emptiness. 1,394 more words

Borderlands Fan Fiction

OEC SURVIVAL (Sabar continued)

Sabar (Indonesian for patience) is part of the OEC survival kit for Filipinos on holiday in the Philippines and needing an exit clearance to return back to the place of employment. 622 more words


Our Use of Our Energy

Such a dunderhead I am, sometimes.  I was working on this blog and wondered why nobody seemed to be commenting or reading on it. This morning, I happened to check the settings and realized I’d completely FORGOTTEN I’d put it on “me only”settings to rest everything for a few days.   174 more words

Vignettes Of Bolivia Life

Day 02: Torture

Hell woke early, before the day-cycle alarm of Talon’s screeing on his daily morning flight. He woke warm, too, with Axton snuggled up behind him, snoring faintly into the base of his neck. 969 more words

Borderlands Fan Fiction

Day 01: Mission Start

They huffed and puffed, and squelched and slapped, rocking the big bed beneath them. Their rough rutting should have gone unnoticed in these early hours of Sanctuary’s false day, but they still muffled their grunts, behind bitten lips and bunched linens. 2,215 more words

Borderlands Fan Fiction

Back in the Fold

When I read the news that Mitch Pileggi would be a part of the reboot as AD Skinner, I was thrilled. Although his unwillingness to step over “the line that Mulder kept crossing” bugged me in the early seasons, Skinner became a true supporter and friend of both Mulder and Scully and helped them out time and time again. 108 more words


An Artist's Life, Sustained. (Spotlight on Gav Barbey + shameless work plug)


It’s 2 in the afternoon at the Signature Prints studio. I’m rummaging around for a camera to record my interview with the Artist in Residence – … 1,023 more words