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#NaNoWriMo2017 Day 23: "Tightropes"

All these people were walking a tightrope at one point: Balancing in a line on a line until the cable forked and some went left and some went right. 79 more words


Old Man Eddie

“Well, I’m afraid, I guess.” said Eddie. He had tucked his hands under his legs as he spoke, and leaned forward slightly, beaming an innocent smile from under a bushy white mustache. 617 more words


Happy Thanksgiving Y'all

My recipe is fun-fully simple:

Put a little snippet of this and a little remnant of that, add scraps then chop and mix with lots of fabric love. 11 more words

Home Decor


“Have you ever played one of those ‘either, or’ games?” I asked William, as he wrestled an oversized sandwich into his mouth.

“Yeah, sure. Why?” he said, absent-mindedly wiping mayonnaise from the corner of his mouth with a crumpled napkin. 1,049 more words


A Hand Through Time

I am 26 years old as I stare down the spine of a book, lost in the rocking of a boat, forgetful with the sun warming my face. 418 more words


Bakery Robbers Take All

Three robbers added insult to injury when they robbed Isaac Silber’s bakery in 1932 Baltimore.

“Isaac Silber doesn’t mind so much that three young men robbed his till last night, but he wishes they’d hand the cash register back so he could find out how much the robbery cost him,” … 128 more words



Out of all people, she picked me. I guess it was because I was the only person wearing bright yellow top, pink and blue squared shirt and mysterious aviators – I picked the outfit carefully. 281 more words