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Gr 9 Up-Beginning in July 2073, Sedgwick’s new novel makes its way backward through time, drawing readers into seven stories from different eras. 215 more words

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Dept. of Speculation

Earlier this summer I read Dept. of Speculation by Jenny Offill. (Side note: what a last name! I’m pretty sure it’s pronounced “awful,” but I bet Jenny is anything but! 296 more words


Vulnerability was growing on her; a softer, translucent aura knocking down the cage of shame and fear. She replaced the word unnecessary with understandable, she held out her hand rather than waiting for it to be taken, she whispered mantras into her sons ear, giving him the space and opportunity to explore his own desires and go for them without judgement from himself but carrying with him the worthiness that envelopes his soul. 32 more words


"Bubblegum Crisis" (AU)

Her kiss tastes like bubblegum, a sharp sweetness on his tongue that reminds him, of all things, of days on Hieronymus, working under a beating sun, with the smell of swaying grain in his nostrils. 1,425 more words


"'Til Next Time" (AU)

Their first ride together, Gaige has to tell herself to breathe, for the rapid patter of her heart that makes her hands shake and her insides shudder and threatens autonomic amnesia. 1,083 more words


FFC #2 - Creep

Harry Turnbaugh was his name. He was unremarkable in every way. His face, his clothing, the way he combed those few hairs and hailed a cab. 787 more words


Doing Things the Harder Way (in Bavaria): Travel Diary

There is something about doing things the harder way that increases the satisfaction of the result, as well as often creating the most memorable stories for years to come.   1,404 more words