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11/10/2017: When Tired

You don’t have to want to do it for it to be worthwhile, wholesome, to enjoy it, to do it well or get into it (this can come even when you don’t want to do it to begin with). 531 more words


The Book

Finally, the baby is asleep.

I make my way into my closet, closing the door behind me. Then kneeling before my makeshift Alter, I begin to pray. 460 more words

Short Story

Memory: The Color Red

The day was like any other day, the morning brought the sun and the possibility that is within each and every new day. As the sun crossed the sky the work was completed just like all the days before. 397 more words


Memory: Olga

Once upon a time in a city far away from here the coldness of the west wind blew in from the open gulf, and an old man alone sat on a small chair on the edge of a sidewalk waiting patiently. 1,159 more words


Memory: An Unexpected Business Trip

You don’t usually expect such things when you are sitting in the morning drinking a cup of black coffee at the bus stop, your last dollar spent and no work in sight. 1,862 more words


Creating Vignettes in Your Home

Last weekend when my daughter was here visiting, she took a picture of a vignette in my kitchen and posted it on Instagram.  As I looked at that photo, I realized that those little areas are really some of my favorite places in my home. 314 more words


Memory: A Summer Day in the Diyarjik Market

Once upon a time in the late afternoon in the summer of a long past memory a train of pack-mules was making it’s way up from the village of Yamkir toward the city of Diyarjik, a vibrant and well known commerce capital within the region. 1,475 more words