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The Absolutionist - An Update

The Absolusionist is now being worked on and will be released when completed. It will be a novel length piece of writing. However, in line with Confusionist thought on literature, it will not follow any of the industry created rules for defining a novel by industry standards. 41 more words


Graham Lawrence

The personal and professional website of one of the founders of Confusionism is now up.

The site Graham Lawrence covers his publishing, editing, training, teaching and administrative work rather than his confusionist thought and philosophy. 88 more words


The Absolutionist

I find myself perpetually dispensing absolution. Who raised me to this I no longer know, but it wasnt a position or chore I sought. But reality is what it is, and this is where I who have led such a flawed and unfulfilling life find myself. 51 more words


Another Half


Dont worry about differencez between words n concepts. In my experience such things have no impact on what really matters Rem i like especially the early stuff. 511 more words


Fragmentary Writing and Post PostModernism:

As we have been saying since 2009, fragmentary writing, or the subset vignettive writing, is the natural way of expressing ourselves in the post postmodern period and this holds true not only for confusionists. 39 more words



Rick told me yesterday that he and his girlfriend had decided they weren’t going to have babies. I felt a deep and morbid sadness as I saw their future together. 167 more words



Sitting here trying to control the newspaper in the ebbing breezes swirling round me in the coffee shop next to the roundabout with two plastic fish, as I try to change pages, I notice the grey of the sea as it swells slightly in its wind whipped way. 1,034 more words