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The Force Awakens Opening

The opening scene of The Force Awakens is in my opinion one of the best of the entire saga – very mysterious and because of the Star Destroyer’s shadow, it look still more impressive. 26 more words

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Final Fantasy VII Remake: All The Emotions

Final Fantasy VII Remake: All the Emotions

I remember lying on my belly on the floor, watching E3, having just watched Xbox do a pretty good job at their showing, but being excited for what Sony would do. 925 more words


Henry Tudor Statue Campaign - Birthday Update

January 28th is a very special birthday. On that date in the year 1457 a baby was born in Pembroke Castle, a baby destined to become King of England and the founder of the brilliant Tudor dynasty. 289 more words


Megadimension Neptunia VII | Playstation 4 Review

By: Nate

Hyperdimension fans rejoice! The next big release in the Neptunia Universe is now coming to the Playstation 4. For the first time the Gameindustri CPU goddesses make their way onto the Playstation Vita’s big brother system. 834 more words


Box Office: Star Wars Episode 8 Pushed Back to December

Disney announced today that Star Wars Episode VIII will now have a released date of December 15, 2017. Here is the official statement.

Star Wars: Episode VIII, originally scheduled for release on…

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The Tenby Tunnels - Following in the Footsteps of Jasper and Henry Tudor

By Tony Riches

Following in the footsteps of Henry and Jasper Tudor – Author Tony Riches goes down the secret tunnels.

There is an often repeated legend that on June 2nd, 1471, the fourteen year old Henry and Jasper Tudor went into hiding below the streets of the seaside town of Tenby in Pembrokeshire before fleeing to Brittany. 379 more words


Film theory - Star Wars VII

This is somewhat an open monologue to Star Wars VII staff. My take on the film as a critic. I will break the article into a few parts… otherwise there will be no end to it. 2,221 more words

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