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“But this time it’s different.”

Reaction to a "First Look at Star Wars Episode VIII"-Toy Merchandise picture

The first image on toy merchandise for Star Wars Episode 8.

Not much has changed on each character. Fin is in a lighter color outfit, similar to that of Han Solo. 271 more words

Horror in the Bayou: Resident Evil VII Review

You can tell a lot by a gamer by what their favorite Resident Evil game is; so, is this going to replace RE2 as my favorite, or is this going to fall in line with RE6? 842 more words


Final Fantasy VII Remade As A Huge Snow Sculpture

(Source: kotaku.com)

The Sapporo Snow Festival is now underway in Japan’s northern most prefecture Hokkaido. One of this year’s main sculptures is Final Fantasy VII themed, featuring Cloud and Sephiroth. 151 more words


keening (vii)

I was having trouble remembering my dreams so I began to see someone who wasn’t. my demeanor was approachable, he said, but cerebral. he said we were in unfamiliar territory. 56 more words