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Maritime archaeology at the Viking Age site of Birka

This is part of a series by ANMM curator Dr Stephen Gapps who received an Endeavour Executive Fellowship from April to July 2016. Stephen is based at the… 1,297 more words

Maritime Archaeology

Rus - What does it mean?

Sometime last year, I offered to help make garb for a friend and asked him what time period and style interested him. Being a typical early period fighter-type guy in the SCA, I knew he was leaning towards the Viking-age, but when he said Rus I had to pause. 418 more words

Second North American Viking Settlement Discovered

Prior to this latest discovery, the only known viking settlement in North America was Newfoundland in Canada. 61 more words


Viking-Age Accessories Part 2: Men & Shopping

Accessories for Men

An introduction to common accessories found in Viking graves to help the reenactor put together a kit to look more like a Viking. 646 more words

Viking-Age Accessories Part 1: Intro and Women

I was scheduled to teach 4 classes at Gulf Wars this year. Unfortunately, Gulf Wars turned into Gulfnado and I was only able to teach 1.   867 more words

More Middle-Aged Television

The Fall TV season brought two new series set in the Middle Ages. Because both of them were on cable, which tends to offer “seasons” half the size of the broadcast networks, both came and went pretty quickly, and I just realized the other day that I had let several months to go by without offering an opinion about them. 1,458 more words

Viking Age

Viking Design for use in Embroidery

I’m still working on research on Rus sewing techniques and embroidery methods, especially those not gilt or bead.  From what I’ve learned, it is different from the contemporary techniques we’ve found in western Scandinavian lands. 80 more words