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Oslo Medieval Festival (part two)

Part two of this post <— I love taking photographs at Viking Markets, and I have many more of these coming up for you guys. Stay tuned! 282 more words


FWD: The War Hollow

Viking influence in the Celtic lands goes back to the very beginning of the Viking Age, when bold and brave men from Scandinavia decided to make the perilous journey across the seas to take what treasures they could from the British Isles.

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Top 3 Blogposts 2016

2016 was a good year for this blog. It was the year when we built a community and for me as a novelist and blogger, the feedback has been extremely motivating. 131 more words


Hugin and Munin - The Duality of Your Mind

Did you know that Odin’s two ravens Hugin and Munin are symbols meant to explain the duality of your mind? I have always been fascinated by this concept. 42 more words

Ragnar Lothbrok

Concepts that meant nothing to a Norse heathen

Things were not always as they are today. For example, some concepts and ideas that we tend to take for granted today, weren’t even a thing back in The Viking Age. 52 more words


Viking Raider Saint’s Lost Shrine Rediscovered

Archaeologists believe that they have found the original shrine of the Viking king turned Saint, Olaf Haraldsson. This unlikely Saint spent his early years as a Viking raider before being baptized into the Roman Catholic church in 1013. 141 more words


[Free eBook] Things from the Town: Artefacts and Inhabitants in Viking-age Kaupang [Viking Age Archaeology]

Things from the Town: Artefacts and Inhabitants in Viking-age Kaupang edited by Dagfinn Skre, a Professor of Archaeology at the Museum of Cultural History at the University of Oslo in Norway, is a collection of academic essays about Viking Age archaeological finds, free for a limited time courtesy of publisher the Aarhus University Press in Denmark. 323 more words