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Review: The Long Ships

The Long Ships by Frans G. Bengtsson

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Basically, at it’s heart, this is about the end of the Viking world as they knew it. 684 more words


Longfellow's Tragic Viking Warrior - The Skeleton in Armor

We’ve reviewed extensively the Viking age and the stories of the Eddas through the lens of the artwork of Romanticism – so far, predominantly northern Europeans who took a passionate interest in their ancestors, their folk tales, and their outlook on life. 2,249 more words


Meifod MT6

Last weekend at the EMWARG colloquium in Welshpool, we enjoyed a field trip to visit dykes and Meifod church and churchyard. In the church of Saints Tysilio and Mary at Meifod, Montgomeryshire, cemented and clamped in the south aisle, is a striking 1.5m-high slab of Quartz arenite. 443 more words

Archaeologies Of Death And Memory

The last Viking and his magical sword?

Republication from Heritage Daily and University of Oslo

Langeidsverdet Photo: Ellen C. Holthe, Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo

A deadly weapon and symbol of power – jewellery for a man, with magical properties. 1,257 more words

The Radically Different Warrior Archetypes of Thor and Odin

As the pre-Christian Germanic peoples progressed from the later Iron Age into what we now call the Viking Age, they came to be widely known for raids like the one at Lindisfarne in CE 793 and for their prowess in battle against Christians, against each other, and even as mercenaries fighting as far away as the… 1,511 more words


Sarpsborg Viking Market 2015 (part one)

Behold part one of my posts about Sarpsborg Viking Market!

Frøy, Odin and TorMy good friend Kristin is holding this glorious wood carved Gere and Freke badness that I pillaged at the market. 141 more words


Gjallarstadir Viking Market 2015

 Gjallarstadir Viking Market was great fun thanks to fellow viking souls! I went there with my best friends to loot some epic viking bling, linen thread, meat and honey. 112 more words