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The Viking Ship Museum (part 2)

Is is possible to be in love with an object? Or rather, in love with a with a ship? I believe I am. I’ve visited this museum countless times, to the point where it’ starting to get… awkward. 435 more words


Mists of Time: The Viking Age

As a reader, the most important part of any novel is the story. A character or two for whom I can feel some sort of emotion (other than complete loathing) comes a close second in the list of priorities for choosing what to read. 431 more words


January 19th, 2016: Next OHA Lecture


Ottawa Historical Association

Presents a Lecture

“The Feast in the Hall of the Meal in the House? Rethinking Hospitality in the Viking Age and Why it Matters” 56 more words

Neckline Variations from Period Sources

The holidays always seem to find me ill. This year wasn’t so bad, but I was down with a cold for over a week. I always think I’ll get some online stuff done with I’m convalescing, but I never do. 122 more words

871 – Battle of Reading: Æthelred of Wessex is defeated by a Danish invasion army

4 January

The first Battle of Reading was a battle on this day in 871 at Reading in what is now the English county of Berkshire. 317 more words


7 Wonders of the Viking World

The Vikings didn’t leave much behind in the way of brick and mortar buildings, but what we do have from them is all tremendously awe-inspiring. They are not the hanging gardens of Babylon, but the following are seven of the most wondrous finds dating back to Viking Age Scandinavia. 739 more words


Women’s Viking-Age Garb Part 4: Step 3 What to Wear over the Gown

I took a break for a couple of days for the holidays.  We had a beautiful Winter/Solar-Festival/Christmas/Yule/Hogswatch holiday.  Whatever you want to call it, the midwinter celebration is one of my favorites. 642 more words