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The archeological eye - an artist's excavation of L'Anse aux Meadows

The following is an excerpt from my presentation at the AASSC (Association for the Advancement of  Scandinavian Studies in Canada) conference at Ottawa University on June 2nd, 2015. 1,124 more words


Recreating Combat in the Viking Age

A number of people are trying to recreate prehistoric European martial arts: ones which have left neither a living tradition, nor manuals. One of the most serious attempts focuses on early medieval combat with sword and shield and is lead by Roland Warzecha: 659 more words


Recycling in the Viking Age: Scandinavian re-use of monuments in Britain

By Shane McLeod, University of Stirling, Scotland, UK, Honorary Researcher, CHE

In honour of World Environment Day this note examines what may be considered a Viking Age example of recycling in Britain – the re-use of earlier monuments for burial. 786 more words


The Reindeer Antler Comb That Is Rewriting History

Vikings have made the headlines this week across the globe after a surprising announcement from scholars at the University of York, in the U.K. Researchers claim they have found evidence that the Viking Age may have begun long before the academically accepted date of 793—the sack of Lindisfarne. 667 more words


So Many Viking age Swords in Norway...

Medievalists dot com is where this link leads to, down at the bottom of their words is the link to the full file, in pdf form. 87 more words



The ‘Haithabu bag’ or the ‘Hedeby bag’ is a bag consisting of a fabric or leather pouch attached to two wooden handles. The name derives from the trading settlement in Schleswig-Holstein known as Haithabu (in German), or Hedeby (in Danish/Swedish). 389 more words

Viking Garb

Thor's Helmet Nebula, #ThrowbackThorsday for 4/23/15

This image of Thor’s Helmet was released this week by the European Space Agency. The bright blue bowl of the nebula shows X-ray emission from… 564 more words