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Thor's Helmet Nebula, #ThrowbackThorsday for 4/23/15

This image of Thor’s Helmet was released this week by the European Space Agency. The bright blue bowl of the nebula shows X-ray emission from… 564 more words


4 Things to Consider when Discussing the Settlement of Iceland

Recently Iceland Review Online highlighted Kristjan Ahronson who has released a book titled ‘Into the Ocean: Vikings, Irish, and Environmental Change in Iceland and the North’, which challenges the modern archaeological work pointing to 871 ± 2 AD as the settlement for the small arctic nation. 1,109 more words

Mjölnir Pendant Discovery in Norway, #ThrowbackThorsday for 4/9/15

This silver Thor’s hammer pendant was found just this month at the Flekstad farm in Steinkjer, Central Norway. It is just the 14th distinct Mjölnir amulet found in Norway and one of just over 50 discovered in total. 93 more words


Review: The Sea Road

The Sea Road by Margaret Elphinstone
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Sea Road is an imaginative and beautifully written attempt to recreate the life of an Icelandic woman called Gudrun Thorbjarnadottir. 1,484 more words


Colors in the Viking Age: Entertainment VS Education

In response to a very well written blog post by Heather about color perception in archaeology, I would like to take the subject a step further and apply it to color representation in historical and archaeological settings. 684 more words

Valsgärdefynden/The Valsgärde Findings

Uppsala Universitets musem för nordiska fornsaker har sedan det grundades 1857, genom en privat donation till universitetet, utökats till närmre tusen fynd från folkvandringstid till medeltid.  1,069 more words


Review: An Early Meal - A Viking age Cookbook

Last year I got interested in Viking Re-enactment, where you try and recreate a certain time-period as realistically as possible, trying to live the way the people back then lived. 813 more words