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The Gildehall at Borrehaugene, Norway

This is pretty much what my dream (long)house looks like. If I was filthy rich, I would build a reconstruction like this one right away! These photos were taken a few years ago, under the construction of the Gildehall in Horten. 138 more words


The role of fate in Icelandic sagas

The role of fate in Icelandic sagas is a hotly debated topic among historians of this period, some argue that it is a prominant feature while others contend that does not feature at all. 455 more words


Birka reconstruction based on resources by Agnes Geijer

After the Trondheim reconstruction, I was left with some warp that was too long to just discard, but at the same time, I didn’t want to keep doing the Trondheim brocade. 116 more words


History of Denmark: From Viking Era to WWII

Denmark is famous for the world’s oldest flag,their really old monarchy and Vikings. It’s also one the happiest nations home to the inventors of skype and lego. 1,336 more words


The glorious Viking Ship Museum (part four) - The animal heads

Five carved animal heads were found in the Oseberg grave. Four of them are displayed at the Viking Ship Museum for the public to behold. The fifth is in very poor condition, and the remains are therefore kept in the Museum’s depository. 243 more words


The glorious Viking Ship Museum (part three) The cart and sleighs

   In The Oseberg Queen’s grave, there were more than 12 horses, 3 ceremonial sledges and a cart. The placement of the sledge shafts indicate that there could have been a horse on either side. 160 more words


A runic inscription from Trondheim (Norway)

Most Scandinavian Viking-Age/early medieval runic inscriptions can be read either in Scandinavian or, less commonly, in Latin, but a few inscriptions, seemingly composed in an unencrypted natural language, cannot be given a Scandinavian or Latin interpretation. 444 more words

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