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The glorious Viking Ship Museum (part four) - The animal heads

Five carved animal heads were found in the Oseberg grave. Four of them are displayed at the Viking Ship Museum for the public to behold. The fifth is in very poor condition, and the remains are therefore kept in the Museum’s depository. 243 more words


The glorious Viking Ship Museum (part three) The cart and sleighs

   In The Oseberg Queen’s grave, there were more than 12 horses, 3 ceremonial sledges and a cart. The placement of the sledge shafts indicate that there could have been a horse on either side. 160 more words


A runic inscription from Trondheim (Norway)

Most Scandinavian Viking-Age/early medieval runic inscriptions can be read either in Scandinavian or, less commonly, in Latin, but a few inscriptions, seemingly composed in an unencrypted natural language, cannot be given a Scandinavian or Latin interpretation. 444 more words

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The glorious Viking Ship Museum (part two)

Tools for textile production

Two yarn winders for beechwood. The balls are balls of yarn;)

Tent Frames. These objects were too fragile to be mounted in the correct position… 94 more words


The Oseberg Ship

Behold part one of more posts to come about the Viking Ship Museum at Bygdøy, Norway! (Yes, I have been here several times – for previous posts click  234 more words


Cross-Post: Historical Sword and Shield Training 2017

From Dimicator, the alter ego of Roland Warzecha.

You are welcome to participate in the Historical Sword & Shield Classes 2017 in period costume in the most beautiful venue of the History Park Bärnau in the south-east of Germany All seminars focus on single combat with shields and hand weapons, but duelling with spears will be covered, too, as a means to convey essential tactical and mechanical concepts.

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The Siege of Lindisfarne

In 793, northern England was unprepared for what was to come to their shores on June 8th. England was not a united country at this point, but rather an island made up of smaller, conflicting kingdoms. 812 more words