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Birka Serk & Smokkr Part 2 - The Apron Dress

So I am back with another update! In this one I am finishing my smokkr, from cutting the fabric to assembling the dress and finishing it with embroidery details. 857 more words


Gudvangen Viking Market '2017' (part one)

Dear followers, it has been a while – but you have been in my thoughts. I have been doing so many exciting things lately, both here in my beloved country and in the US (which some of you might know a little something about already;) This viking Gal have been constantly on the move the past few months, and my feet have barely touched my own home since I moved in. 73 more words


Viking Age stones at Bolton le Sands

On 6th July I went to the Holy Trinity church at Bolton le Sands (formerly St Michael) to meet with representatives of the Parish Church Council regarding the medieval stones they have. 607 more words


The Norwegian Rune Poem

While I began last week with an introduction to the ancient runes and their uses, the ultimate goal is to gain a familiarity with them, their intended meanings, and to be able to understand their use in more complex situations. 567 more words


Viking Age - Rollo the Viking Duke

Who was Rollo the Viking in real life ? Was Rollo actually Ragnar Lothbrok’s brother ? Did he really become a duke of France? Here are the answers to all these questions as accurate as they could be given considering the scarcity of written records regarding those times. 1,067 more words


Viking Age - Ivar the Boneless - Legendary commander of the Great Heathen Army

Ivar the Boneless (Inwaer/Ingvar/Hyngwar) was one of the greatest leaders of Vikings and the legendary commander of the Great Heathen Army. He was the oldest son of… 656 more words


Viking Age - Loki - The wily trickster god

Loki (pronounced “LOAK-ee;” Old Norse Loki, the meaning of which will be discussed below) is the wily trickster god of Norse mythology.

While treated as a nominal member of the gods, Loki occupies a highly ambivalent and ultimately unique position among the gods, giants, and the other kinds of spiritual beings that populate the pre-Christian Norse religion. 1,421 more words