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Cowards always talk about what they’ll never do- Mark Bell


Lyskväll, a farewell to summer.

Lyskväll, or in English, Light evening, has it’s origins in Finland, where the coast was illuminated by fires and candles, to remember the summer past and long for its return. 655 more words

Háleyg Vikingmarked

After a wonderful weekend at Lofotr, I ventured south with my vikings to help make a completely new market! Háleyg vikingmarked was held the 12th to the 14th of August by Bodøsjøen, and with the help of the hundred or so vikings that attended, we created probably the best market I have ever been to! 152 more words

Viking Festival

Is double dipping always bad?

So, my day started off terrible. Customer was being a total ass, shit wasn’t going right everything was behind. I had to drive out of town to see IT to drop off work stuff for him (he has a shop, doing custom painting…this is relevant, I swear). 738 more words


Eat Like a Viking!

Hey What?

It was my lovey’s birthday — the 25th of August and since we haven’t been to the Vikings restaurant, we’ve made reservations to chow down at this hyped resto. 425 more words

Tinder? I hardly know her.

I swear. I am dating in a whole new world. I use the term dating, but lets be real here for a second. I ain’t dating. 500 more words


Once Sent from the Golden Hall

So, the theme of the week for Reddit’s 52 Weeks of Cooking Challenge is Nordic cuisine. As soon as I new that theme was coming up, I was ready to an awesome write-up about the explosion of popularity that Scandinavia has seen in recent years. 487 more words