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Happy Swedish Valborg!

In a country so far north on our planet that its people’s collective cultural identity is largely rooted in its long, dark winters, the arrival of spring (aka LIGHT!) deserves nothing less than a national celebration! 549 more words

The H.I. Life

Dragon Voyage

‘Draken’ ship
Viking age
Ocean sail.

Wind and waves
Hearts and hands
Global crew.



Bucket list.

~ an EWK Tricubic Poe’em   ©EWK 2016…

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Revenge of the Vikings — Iceland Will Create Its Own Money

It’s happened before in history, and with great success, but it has also prompted a violent backlash from the elites…

Back in 1914, the Bradbury Pound… 677 more words

Daily News

The Norse gods: Loki

The god of mischief and laughter, well known all over the world thanks to Marvel. Loki is a jotunn, a bloodbrother to Odin, the father of Hell, Fenrir, Jormungandr, Sleipnir, Narfi and Nari. 694 more words


The Viking Ship Museum, Oslo

The Viking Ship museum was, as I’d suspected, a fairly small museum given the large crowds it attracts. It does however contain the world’s best preserved Viking ship that makes quite an impressive spectacle on entering the building. 203 more words

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Ancient Vikings in Today's Politics.

I had recently read an excellent summary on the latest piqued interests about Viking settlements in North America (AKA Turtle Island) by Alyxander Folmer, “ 1,108 more words

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