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Chop chop! Three bizarre beheadings in Anglo-Saxon England

Beheading is a spectacular way of punishing one’s enemies and often triggers the literary imagination, ranging from Beowulf cutting off Grendel’s head to the Queen of Hearts’s famous phrase “Off with her head!”. 1,678 more words

Old English

Vikings, Vikings Everywhere

When out of nowhere, Vikings!

I’ve been listening to the British History Podcast, and right now they’re talking about the Viking Age and the reign of Alfred the Great in the main podcast as well as their members only series, ‘The Fury of the Northmen’ which covers the Scandinavian cultures that gave rise to the Viking raiders. 588 more words


Had a reasonably relaxing weekend.
Went for a curry on Saturday to a place we’d not eaten in before. Saffron in Barrhead.  We’d got one of these Groupon deals, but I’d be more than happy to go back there and pay the full price.   176 more words

What I'm Watching

I deleted all the Housewives from my DVR. I know you’re shocked. I was too, but I had to do it. As I was watching one particularly vapid episode of the Atlanta housewives, I realized that I was feeling…stupid. 867 more words

Life And Happiness

A skirmishing we will go!

For years (many, many years!) our Dark Age skirmishing has been done using an old 1980’s set from our Scimitar Wargames Group days  ‘Oshere’s Helm’ and completely adequate they have been given that we would only skirmish every now and then. 1,594 more words


For Honor Gameplay

We coming back with some 2v2 Gameplay from the new Ubisoft Game, For Honor!

Knights vs Samurai vs Vikings nuff said.