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Hadrian's Villa, an archaeological site that is worth being discovered

Publius Aelius Hadrianus was a Roman Emperor who loved art, architecture and culture. He decided to build an impressive Villa near to Tivoli, in a valley which had a strategic position, which was never completed. 275 more words


Călătoriile lunii ianuarie (2)

(continuarea de aici)

La două zile după ce ne-am întors din Suedia, am luat din nou drumul aeroportului, de data asta pentru a pleca spre Roma. 768 more words


Hadrian's Villa

More a mini city than a villa, this complex lies in Tivoli, ancient Tibur, about 25 km (16 miles) outside Rome.  Built in stages between around 118 and 138 AD, it allowed Emperor Hadrian the freedom to indulge his own architectural experiments and develop influences from his travels across the Empire, in particular to Greece and Egypt. 288 more words


Giardini d'Italia: Villa d'Este, Lazio

Dove si trova. Tivoli, in provincia di Roma. Voluto dal cardinale Ippolito II d’Este, governatore di Tivoli, nel 1550, il giardino di Villa d’Este è un capolavoro dell’arte botanica famoso in tutto il mondo anche per le rovine di… 605 more words


Ancient Butts & Pasta Guts

Americans take a lot of heat for our unhealthy lifestyles, but Italians really aren’t much better.  I mean, they eat seasonally and locally, which basically means their diets are preservative-free.  657 more words


Day 2: A Trip To Tivoli

Today we braved the Italian transit system once again. Our destination: Tivoli. After a minor metro mishap, we found (hiked) our way to the Villa Adriana. 207 more words