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If you can't find anything good to say of someone: The" Idiot of the Family".

If you can’t find anything good to say of someone...

Try to write about how bad the person is.

If you can’t write, close the door and talk to yourself and curse the person. 59 more words


Story, Indiana Picks New “Village Idiot”

April 1, 2018

Hoosier Craft Beer and Wine Salesman Brings it Home

Tiny Town Issues its Highest Honor to Brad Brookbank 


Story, Indiana.  Since its founding in 1851, Story has had no mayor, no board of commissioners, no town counsel, and certainly no election commission to oversee the peaceful transfer of power to such non-existent offices.  1,217 more words

Historic Restaurants

Volunteer Chronicles - Johnny Cade's Last Days

As you may have guessed from the title, I have another guest post today.  This one is a bit different because it written by two separate volunteers.  3,359 more words

Something A Little Different, Yet The Same

I have to admit I was reluctant to make another post so soon for more than one reason.  I’m worried that it may become habit-forming and also, the amount of stupid I see going on over on Facebook is, quite frankly, irritating me.  3,520 more words

Grifting In The Rain

Well, I’m sure none of you expected to have another post to read so soon.  I sure as hell didn’t expect to be writing one but sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do.  1,829 more words

2017: Parting shots from the Right: tantrums, bloated entitlements, and low, low expectations for our Youth - tahi

Taking personal responsibility Mike Hosking-style

Former ‘Seven Sharp‘ presenter and National Party stooge, Mike Hosking, recently gave us an illuminating insight into how seriously he takes personal responsibility. 1,467 more words

The Body Politic