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#Alphamare #Releasethehostages

Happy Monday!  I’m irritated.  I’m irritated because I have spent the better part of my Sunday wrestling with these audio clips.  My procrastination bit me square in the ass and I had completely forgotten how to grab clips out of my Audacity app or whaterthefuck it is, so I had to relearn all that.  1,052 more words

I dunno, do you ever ask Putin about the interest rates on your loans?

Donald Trump (r) is in Japan for a state visit.

Almost three years to the day:

Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump
Does President Obama ever discuss the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor while he’s in Japan?

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Fruit of Vroom

My brilliant idea kind of all started when I inadvertently found a new treat for my Whirlpool-sized pooch, Crowley.

I’m a sucker for the word “Clearance”.  639 more words


Money is an unfortunate fact of life.

How expensive is a wife?

Matters arise, costs accumulate.

Even divorce costs money, she may have been your first date. 191 more words


Brain Dead

Should I write something brain dead?

Then you might remember what I said.

Would you listen to a moron, a fool?

He would not outsmart you as a rule. 63 more words


Girl, Don't Go Away Mad...Girl, Just Go Away

Today was National Day of The Horse.  It seems somehow fitting that this day was the day that The Manson Family finally got sent packing.  It was live tweeted on inewsource’s Twitter page and there were several advocates there as well.  1,290 more words

what is this path?

Somebody beat me to the coining of expedited demise. But nevertheless, leaders of the past, who started out with populist appeal, only to turn out “bland” prompted either a character assassination or expedited demise order.

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Alter Ego