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Poison Ivy

Here is my drawing of poison ivy from batman! She’s one of my favourite villains because she has bright red hair and an awesome green outfit! 29 more words


Venom Artwork!

Just finished some Venom artwork! Decided to loosen up my style a bit and have fun! Might be available as a print soon, so keep an eye out for it ;)

Writing 201- Villain, Ballad & Anaphora/Epistrophe

Today’s Assignment

Word prompt – Hero/Villain
Form – Ballad
Device – Anaphora/Epistrophe

This ballad seemed to take on a life of its own.  I’ve always rolled my eyes when I heard someone say something like that; and now, here I am.   303 more words

Blogging U

Diversity in Video Games; Rhianna Pratchett on female characters and videogame writing

This is something I wish to talk about, I will use this for my essay question, I think It will be very valuable. This is a interview by… 658 more words

4AD010 | Art And Design In Context

Blog-O-Ween: Maleficent

Yayus! Here is my take on Maleficent. I did a bit of a mashup of the Angelina Jolie version and the original Disney animation. I hope you enjoy! 148 more words


Army Of Music

“Are my mom and dad…” Mark said in a frightened tone, holding back wave after wave of sobbing building up inside of him.
“Dead,” the man said in a serious tone, “Yes.” He said, this time in a much calmer one “Their deaths were necessary, you see son.” The man said as he rubbed the back of Mark’s head, “Your parents gave birth to two of the strongest musicians alive today, and unfortunately…we can’t have that.” There was a distinct sound of a gun being cocked. 728 more words