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Party Ideas - SuperHero Party

Part 2 of my quest to help those of you who are budding creative hosts, get some ideas flowing and help fine tune the details of a good party, takes the form of a Super Hero theme, suitable for small children and adults alike. 200 more words

Creative Inspiration

Alan Rickman

If I see a film that involves Autism I will try and watch it as my girls have Autism and I like to see if there are any tips or anything at all that could help with our lives. 271 more words


It’s good to be bad Part 7

Dr Ivo “Eggman” Robotnic- Sonic the hedgehog.

Genius/madman, scientist, industrialist and inventor- Robotnic is the Howard Hughes of the computer game universe.

This mad scientist has but one dream, to create the Robotnic Empire and become the supreme ruler of the entire planet. 132 more words

Retro Games

It's good to be bad part 5 Albert Wesker Resident Evil

When it rains it pours, Not only are you one of the last STARS (special tactics and rescue) members left after the rest of your team are eaten by zombie dogs, you have just found yourself in a zombie infested mansion with little ammo and no clue as what the hell is going on. 170 more words

Retro Games

Never, Never - Brianna R. Shrum


James Hook wants nothing more than to become a man. With his Father off to sea and his mother working hard to get by, James knows he is the man of the house. 420 more words

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