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SACDT Update

Sorry haven’t posted for aggggges, blame Biology (did yesterday, went alright, thanks for asking, business next week (yay))

So in the post B2 and 3 supply lesson in a German room we were all sat there, looking at the B1 spec in despair (you have to learn. 155 more words


If its gluten-free, its healthy

People often say to me, how lucky I am to be a Coeliac/gluten-free but its almost always followed by ‘because your so skinny’, which got me thinking about the many myths surrounding being on a gluten-free diet so I thought it was about time they got busted wide open. 453 more words

GCSE Biology - Exchange surfaces

All organisms need substances to survive, including oxygen, glucose, water and so on. However, to be able to take these substances up efficiently, organisms need to be well-adapted. 465 more words


2014 Engineering Photo Competition

Carl Zeiss is primarily known for optics. In 2014 the Department of Engineering at the University of Cambridge held a photo competition open to staff and students sponsored by Carl Zeiss. 444 more words


Glutened Much?

I have been meeting more and more people who can’t eat Gluten, and of course others who simply avoid it for nutritional reasons.

Are you a victim of this disease? 336 more words


Thankful for this Lumen of Mine

I am thankful that I only have two months left of my undergrad. I am thankful for the friends and two families that I get to call my own. 388 more words

My-Work Mondays

I'm celiac. Now what? 3 easy steps to going gluten free

If you’ve been going through rounds of medical testing trying to figure out what’s going on, it can be a huge relief when you get a positive diagnosis. 323 more words

Celiac Disease