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I love Vim, except now that I’ve used Atom, I hate Vim. Not because I like Atom, I hate Atom, too. But it’s so much prettier than Vim! 247 more words


Enhanced syntax highlighting for C++ using Vim Syntax Extra

Vim ships with the syntax highlighting rules for C and C++. This is a curse in disguise, because those rules are extremely old and they only highlight the keywords. 79 more words

vim cheat sheet, maybe for myself...

Recently I have been using this vim cheat sheet for myself, because I realized that I have been using just a subset of vim commands, and that there are lots of useful features I wasn’t using. 1,117 more words

Data Science

Vim syntax highlighting for EDK2 sources

If you use Vim, there are a few projects with syntax highlighting support for TianoCore sources and config files. A recent one, from this year: 140 more words

Vundle: Vim Plugin Manager

Managing different vim plugins is done through plugin manager in Vim.

There exists three vim plug-in managers – Pathogen, Vundle and NeoBundle as of this writing. 270 more words


Quick File Compare tool (vim)

Yesterday, one of my developer modified huge script file but he used old version to modify. It was uphill task to understand the changes and correct it. 66 more words


Saving read only file edited using vim

You have opened a file using vi or vim to check some code or text, and found some code/text to be altered. We made change and totally ignored the notification informing that we did not have permission to edit it (Warning: Changing a read only file), and you realize that you cannot save your edit you just made. 252 more words