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Syntax highlighting for CUDA in Vim


Vim has had syntax highlighting support for CUDA source files for a long time now. You can check this: open any .cu file and try the command… 193 more words

errorformat in Vim

Vim can parse compilation errors when it is passed as an error file using the argument -q. It can also parse the errors produced by running… 181 more words

100 Vim commands


This caught my eye

Window spliting
ctrl-w up arrow Puts cursor in top window
ctrl-w ctrl-w Puts cursor in next window
ctrl-w_ Maximise current window…

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Line number in Vim

To show line numbers in Vim is easy: set number or set nu

Many movement, yank and delete operations in Vim work on relative line numbers… 110 more words

Commentary plugin for Vim

One of the most frequent operations I do in source code is to add, remove or toggle comments over blocks of code. I used to use the… 54 more words

EasyTags plugin for Vim

EasyTags is a fantastic plugin for Vim. It achieves two objectives that are related to each other: automatically index your source code and enhance the syntax highlighting of your source code. 375 more words

How to open Quickfix window automatically after make

The Quickfix feature of Vim can be used to view errors or warnings produced by a compilation in a window and jump to those locations in source files. 69 more words