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Transparent Background on Vim

I didn’t notice this sooner, but Vim (maybe due to the color scheme selected) overrides the Terminal’s transparent background. To fix this, I added the following lines to… 18 more words


Week 5

Week 5:

It looks like I’m switching to doing Weekly Summaries

I can’t believe it’s the END OF WEEK 5 – Where has the time gone?! 767 more words


csv.vim은 vim 플러그인 중 하나로, vim에서 csv 파일을 쉽게 다룰 수 있도록 도와주는 플러그인이다. 평소에 csv 파일을 다루기 위해서 엑셀을 사용했으나, 리눅스에서 실험 결과를 바로 정리하기 위해 이 플러그인을 사용해보았다. 83 more words

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How to set commentstring in Vim

The commentstring option is used by Vim to handle comments that span the entire line. This option can be set in your Vimrc for a specific filetype or globally for all files. 67 more words

How Vim handles comments

You might have noticed that Vim is aware of comments in a source file. For example, it can fold a block of comments. When you continue typing a comment into a new line it inserts the appropriate comment string. 175 more words

VIM Split screens!

I found out this trick a year and a half too late but here’s how to open, view and edit 2 or more source codes from different directories in the same window using VIM on a mac. 70 more words