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Five minutes to love Vim


Today’s article is a result of my sympathies and love for Vim. Sympathies because not a single person on internet would leave Vim without mocking. 747 more words


Vim Adventures

I found a new mini game that helps you practice with text editing using the Vim Editor! Go on Google, type in Vim Adventures, and click on the first link. 15 more words


Introduction to VIM (I)

The next adventure in my VIM experience is to start by the foundations. If you are an advanced VIM user, please excuse me. Better later than never. 325 more words


Installing my new editor

Finally, I have decided my next step for my Python Environment after comparing Text editors or IDE’s. I think both have great advantages both give high end possibilities. 340 more words


Read text from files into Vim buffer

Import strings of texts from files into Vim buffer:

  • read : Append the text from below the line where the cursor is;
  • 0read : To insert text above the first line use the command “:0r {name}”.
  • 65 more words

Saving a read-only file in VIM

Since I use Digital Ocean and Linode cloud VPS, I need to use VIM a lot when I need to update configuration files on server. And this happens to me a lot. 61 more words

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