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Sensible plugin for Vim

Sensible is a super simple plugin for Vim by Tim Pope. It is nothing but a set of sensible settings for your vimrc. It is a great way to start off on a new system where you do not have access to your fully featured vimrc. 46 more words

Toggling Transparency in iTerm2

I recently started developing full-time in Vim again because all my code has to run on remote virtual machines. I like using iTerm2 with some transparency enabled so I can see what’s going on in my browser, but it’s started giving me a headache now that I’m spending all day in my terminal. 295 more words


I’m Tessa Uroić and This Is How I Mesh

I was born in Kutina, a small town in Croatia. The region, Moslavina, is well known for its vineyards and škrlet, a white grape variety. 1,270 more words


Vim keys for edit mode

When using vim in edit mode, below are some very useful key in edit mode, the first section should be very rare used though.

For… 54 more words


Vim split windows


:e filename      - edit another file
 :split filename  - split window and load another file
 ctrl-w up arrow  - move cursor up a window
 ctrl-w ctrl-w    - move cursor to another window (cycle)
 ctrl-w_          - maximize current window
 ctrl-w=          - make all equal size
 10 ctrl-w+       - increase window size by 10 lines
 :vsplit file     - vertical split
 :sview file      - same as split, but readonly
 :hide            - close current window
 :only            - keep only this window open
 :ls              - show current buffers
 :b 2             - open buffer #2 in this window

nudno@tutaj: dodajemy koloru twojej powłoce!

Ludzie mają to do siebie, że lubią ładne rzeczy. Spójrzmy na iPhone’a. Jego kolorowy, intuicyjny interfejs oraz sama w sobie solidna, schludna budowa słuchawki jest jednym z głównych powodów, dla których ma tylu fanów. 1,369 more words