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VIM and my configuration

As with most vim users above beginner I used to have my customised vimrc file.  Since being off vim for a while and changing machines a couple of times, I now can’t find where I had stored my previously developed vimrc file so I’m building a new one.   51 more words

La Vie


– PTE entry는 8B 크기이며, 한 페이지에 512개가 들어간다 (창현).
– 가상화된 환경에서 TLB는 gVA->MA의 매핑을 가지며, TLB miss가 발생하면 2-dimensional page walk을 한다 (창현).
– clear-history 명령으로 tmux 버퍼를 비울 수 있다.
– vim에서 set paste를 설정하면 깔끔하게 붙여넣을 수 있다.

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[Vim] Modify color scheme for Vim

The color scheme of Vim can be set by add different config files.

If we want to change the scheme, we have to create a folder “colors” in “.vim”. 53 more words

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[Vim] Vim plugin manager - NeoBundle

NeoBundle is a vim plugin manager such as pathogen and vundle, but it is more powerful.

We can use “curl” to download NeoBundle from gitHub. 122 more words

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Setting up VIM as a python IDE

If you are looking for a lightweight but feature rich editor you can’t go past VIM! Sure those keyboard shortcuts are difficult remember and it’s frustratingly hard trying to stop reaching for that bloody mouse (the mouse will actually work in this set-up BTW). 999 more words


Remove tailing whitespaces and replace tap with spaces in Vim

It has been the common rule that you must trim you tailing whitespaces before submit your codes. Simply, we could use ‘\s‘ to substitute the unwanted spaces: 225 more words


how to comment block of codes in Vim & gVim

Put your cursor on the first # character, press Ctrl V (or Ctrl Q for gVim), and go down until the last commented line and press… 76 more words