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Increase and Decrease Numbers in vim

Set the cursor onto a number and press Ctrl-A to increase it or Ctrl-X to decrease it.


Minimalist Software is a Lot of Work

It is the right work. It is the most rewarding work. It is the most accessible and usable work.

I use the Vim plain text editor just often enough to ensure that I’m constantly forgetting how to use it, but when I am using it, I like to manage its plugins with vim-plugin. 132 more words


VisIncr plugin for Vim

One of the most powerful aspects of using Vim is that you never have to do any drudge work. All boring repeatable tasks can be executed with a meaningful command. 164 more words

[Vim] Tùy biến Vim với Vundle và Powerline

Giới thiệu

Vim là một text editor nổi tiếng, có mặt trên tất cả các hệ điều hành và phổ biến nhất là trên hệ Linux/Unix. 1,779 more words

[Python][vim] Notes


  1. Put imports & constants at top of the file.
  2. Don’t create objects outside of classes in the global space.
  3. No parentheses with the python “return” method.
  4. 155 more words
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Replace foswiki links with markdown links in vim

How to replace all foswiki syntax links with markdown syntax links in vim:



Migrating to Emacs, carrying my 4 years of Vim with me !

The benefit of using a powerful text editor is not of the savings in time you get but the chance for your tools to talk with your mind. 804 more words