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Editor Wars

As a rule, I try hard not to get sucked into religious wars. You know, Coke vs Pepsi. C++ vs Java. Chrome vs Firefox. There are two I can’t help but jump into: PC vs Mac (although, now that Mac has turned into Unix, that’s almost more habit than anything else) and–the big one–Emacs vs vi. 869 more words

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Variations for disrupting magic

Cancelling spells are a great tool in a wizard’s grimoire, so much so that I think most older Magi have variations on the basic magical disruption spells. 169 more words

Ars Magica

Vim Shortcut Keys

i enter edit mode before current character
a enter edit mode after current character
I jump to start of current line enter edit mode before first character… 94 more words


Change tab width in vim

By default, inside vim the tab width is 8 spaces, we can reduce it using below steps.

Create a .vimrc file in ~(home dir) and add below content.   35 more words


Vim Macros

While learning Ruby’s¬†Comparable module I wanted to print a bunch of comparisons and their results.

puts "prime > choic: #{prime > choic}"
puts "prime < selec: #{prime < selec}"
puts "selec == selec: #{selec == selec}"
puts "selec <= selec: #{selec <= selec}"
puts "selec >= selec: #{selec >= selec}"
puts "selec >= choic: #{selec >= choic}"
puts "choic.between?(selec, prime): #{choic.between?(selec, prime)}"
puts "choic.between?(prime, selec): #{choic.between?(prime, selec)}"
puts "choic.between?(choic, choic): #{choic.between?(choic, choic)}"

… 378 more words

Vim utilities: Findgrep & Fastgrep

I spent some time writing utility scripts for my Vim setup. I figured I can share them here, someone may even find them useful or at least get a laugh out of it. 143 more words


The power of the vi editor

Recently, I had an input file with around 300 lines of data, with one word on each line. I needed to add a prefix, namely ‘stopWords.add(“‘, to each word. 188 more words