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Spells to mitigate warping in Ars Magica

When I initially thought of the effect I was planning to see it used on the friends of my Magus character, so they suffer less effects from the application of short term powerful transformation spells. 1,377 more words


Vim Paper Color Theme

I started using Linux and Vim last Summer, and one of the first things I did in Vim, like I would do in any code editor, was to find a decent color scheme. 445 more words

Color Scheme

How to get relative line numbers in Eclipse

Being able to view relative line numbers in Vim makes it very easy to move around and operate in the editor. This is because a lot of Vim commands involve line counts that are relative to the current line. 154 more words

Disabling GVim beeping

Visual Bells in GVim happen when I “clean” the buffer for typing command when it’s been already cleaned. The beep bothers me little bit. So, I disabled the noise by doing (in gvim):

:set vb

Compendium of Wondrous Links vol IX

Welcome back to this totally non-regular compilation of interesting reads. Enjoy!