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It’s Official … Nothing Beats Vim (or MarkdownPad 2 …)

One thing that I used to hate was Vim. Back in the day, in undergraduate school, I was introduced to this on Unix. Yes, I said Unix, not Linux. 1,108 more words


Muto Vim Guideline clarification

The Ars Magica Muto Vim guidelines in the official errata state that a MuVi spell only needs to be present for the length of the spell casting time, not matched to the duration of the changed spell. 122 more words

Ars Magica

PHP debuging in VIM

read more on github.



to your browser url, too start a xdebug session.

Find and replace

  1. :%s/foo/bar/g
    • find foo (in all lines) and replace bar
  2. :s/foo/bar/g
    • find foo (in current line) and replace bar
  3. :%s/foo/bar/gc
    • ask confirmation first
  4. :%s/\<foo\>/bar/gc
    • Change only whole words exactly matching ‘foo’ to ‘bar'; ask for confirmation.

Editor Adapter

As developer start adopting more and more programming languages. The number of IDEs we are working in increases as well. It is annoying (if not painful) to pick up new shortcuts to do just basic things like navigating around the code. 345 more words