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Trailing Whitespaces in VIM

Trailing whitespaces don’t bother me in general, let’s be clear, I don’t like them but there are other thousands things that bother me more. Although I hate (with hate, I mean it) when someone sends me a patch and I can’t apply it cleanly because of the trailing whitespaces… in this moment I understand this… 96 more words


Invest in a good text editor

Scientists should invest time in a good text editor: pay the upfront cost of learning to use and customising a single editor for all of your text needs. 674 more words


Matlab – Without GUI – Part 1.5/2

I said I would return in a week or so to talk about my experiences with using Matlab without a GUI in part 1/2 of this series. 416 more words


NERD_commenter issue with vim 7.0.x on redhat 5.8

“NERD_commenter” is good tool to toggle comment with source code.
But it didn’t work with old vim like 7.0.x on redhat box.
When comment a piece of code, it complain like: 25 more words


Matlab - Without GUI - Part 1/2

Matlab can be invoked without its GUI on linux systems by typing in the following on the terminal.

matlab -nodesktop

This opens up matlab just like an Octave or Python prompt on the terminal. 296 more words