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Inserting Enumerations

I don’t know about you, but in the past, I’ve spent a lot of time editing files where I write a line of code which contains a number, duplicate that line a bunch of times, and then proceed to change the number in each line such that they increment by one. 380 more words

VIM Normalization

Linux users–including the ones at the Hackaday underground bunker–tend to fall into two groups: those that use vi and those that use emacs. We aren’t going to open that debate up again, but we couldn’t help but notice a new item on GitHub that potentially negates one of the biggest complaints non-vi users have, at least for vim which is the most common variant of vi in use on most modern systems. 229 more words


Debian Stretch 9 issue with vim: copy and paste

In Debian Stetch 9 there is a new behaviour in vim, the copy and paste with the mouse is unusual and don’t work as the previous versions did. 22 more words


Vim CtrlP productivity tip

If you’re using VIM with CtrlP, here’s a tip to quickly jump to line numbers in a file:

Indenting Multiple Lines in Vim

I’ve been working with Ansible of late, and just like Python it’s very finicky about indentation. When modifying Ansible playbooks in Vim I found the need to be able to indent blocks of code all at once. 206 more words

Default Open/Save Dialog Directory

Whenever you need to open or save a file/directory, the open/save dialog window will display the contents of a directory. Sometimes that directory is the one that you want, but other times you may find yourself constantly using the file system browser features in the dialog window to change the directory. 393 more words

First things I do when using Ubuntu Live

Those are the first things I do whenever I use Ubuntu Live.

Edit Text Entry Settings to match my keyboard layout

Set sources

$ gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.input-sources sources "[('xkb', 'fr'), ('xkb', 'us')]" 310 more words