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I tell you what's bloody stupid!


It's websites and docs and text boxes and brittle little pretenders that throw away everything on one little <Esc>. When I'm just trying to GET TO NORMAL MODE, Motherfucker! 257 more words


Vim day 2

Setelah minggu lalu menggunakan Vim dalam waktu beberapa jam (cuman 2 jam)  kini saya sudah mulai terbiasa menulis kode program tapi masih belum terbiasa lepas dari tanda keyboard panah. 161 more words

CAVE-G by vim 🎵

Here’s a track that didn’t quite make it to The Rockford Filez mini album I put out at the start of the year. The original is here – … 16 more words


VIM: Undo and Redo

Undo latest changes:


Redo them:




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All Sundry and Water-balloons!

I’ve heard word Vim for a long time without ever being curious to know its meaning. The reason is its being used by a company which manufactures bars to clean kitchen-wares. 3,162 more words