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Bobby Bones' New Book Explores How Failure Helps You Grow: 'Life Is Not All About the Wins'

Bobby Bones is known for his success as a radio host, stand-up comic and, most recently, his upcoming role as mentor on American Idol — but he really wants fans to know how much of a failure he is. 1,307 more words


How to install vim from tarball?

Recently my apt-get install didn’t work in Ubuntu 10.04 and I couldn’t spend time to fix the source list when it didn’t work straight forward. 103 more words

Linux Programming

Intro to vim

Here is everything you wanted and don’t want to know about vim as a user. This post would be continuously updated.


As you first enter the text editor, you would quickly notice that typing on the keyboard wouldn’t do what you expect it to do. 1,186 more words


Vim keybindings

Vim is the text editor that I have been using for ages, and it improved my efficiency by a large factor.

The .vimrc is in my github repository called DotFiles, and the install instruction is in the README file. 231 more words


Make Git use VIM as Default Editor for commits messages

Only set VIM for Git

Set core.editor in your Git config: git config --global core.editor "vim"

  • Set the GIT_EDITOR environment variable: export GIT_EDITOR=vim

Globally for all programs… 29 more words

work with multiple files in vim

When working with multi files in vim, there are several options.


Was first trying to use the netrw which comes with vim installation. However it is not quite easy to use. 237 more words