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Learn how to use VIM-1st

Read the <Learn VIM progressively>

1st day is to survive; use the following 5 commands.

  • iInsert mode. Type ESC to return to Normal mode.
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Faster CtrlP fuzzy search with custom ignore

Had some issues with listing files from modules/ via CtrlP so I ended up writing my own user command for.

let g:ctrlp_user_command = 'find %s -type f -not \( -path "*/.svn/*" -o -path "*/.git/*" -o -path "*/vendor/*" -o -path "*/.idea/*" -o -path "*/cache/*" \)'
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Arcane Tunnels for Road and Waterway in Ars Magica

An aspect of having new spell ranges of Road and Waterway with Faerie Magic and Atlantean virtues (and many others) is the limited range of spells which are designed using them. 410 more words

Ars Magica

using puppet to distribute customized vim setting and plugins cross domain

I use VIM alot, to read log files, to write code, so to speed things up, I got bunch of Vim Plugins installed locally on my Fedora18 laptop, today I decided to have those customization and plugins move on to all servers I takes care of, and here is how I did it. 14 more words

.vimrc for C/C++

set autoindent
set smartindent
set number
set tabstop=4
set expandtab
set autochdir

map <F9> :w <CR> :!g++ -Dforthright48 -Dhasibpc "%" && xterm -T "%" -e /usr/bin/cb_console_runner ./a.out<CR>

inoremap { {<CR>}<Esc>O

inoremap ( (  )<Left><Left>

inoremap [ []<Left>


Editor of Choice

With so many editors/IDEs out there, I have tried many and only enjoyed a few.  Some work well with different languages, while others can be the worst thing to deal with.  555 more words


I’m Chris Fouts and This Is How I Mesh

I guess you could say I’ve been working towards a career at Pointwise, Inc. since 1978. That’s when, growing up in the outskirts of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, I learned to program using my first computer, a… 1,828 more words