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SB apprenticeship: Day 18

I’m still getting used to this whole ability to drink (responsibly!) at work thing. Last week we had cider, and as I settled in to listen to people present their labs projects I kept expecting someone to take me aside and gravely tell me that the taps are just for show, and drinking at work is wrong, and they’ll have to let me go now. 371 more words

:insert not working for pasting on Vim editor

I will not explain how useful vim is, if you a developer on the *nix systems, then that is number one tool to tuck into your toolbox. 71 more words


Terminal Cheat Sheet

I will use this post to place various commands and shortcuts I used during development. Placing them here I will have all of them on one easy-to-find place. 63 more words


[vim] Enable python scripting

My Linux box for work is an old RedHat with Vim6 and Python 2.4, not high enough for installing YouCompleteMe. I replaced the old vim and python with vim 7.4 and Python 2.7 (both in /usr/bin/ and /usr/local/bin), but “:echo !has(‘python’)” still shows a ‘0’. 26 more words


vim에서 간단히 JSON 보기 편하게 정렬하기

종종 JSON을 출력해서 제대로 되었는지 확인할려고 그러면, 개행(\n)문자는 다 빠져 있고, 탭(\t)은 다 날라가 있고. 이러다 보면 어디가 문제가 있는지 확인하기가 쉽지 않다. 이러할 땐 일단 출력해서 JSON을 복사해서 에디터에 붙여서 리인덴테이션(re-indentation)을 해주는 에디터가 많은데 vim에서는 어떻게 하지? 12 more words


MuSh: Multi-Shebang Scripting

MuSh is a super simple meta-scripting language for parsing multiple shebang statements that invoke different interpretors. Why would you want to do this? I have no idea. 459 more words

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