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Vim Language Server Client (LSC) plugin first impressions

After months of problems with CoC: https://github.com/neoclide/coc-eslint/issues/72 I’ve given up and I’m trying other plugins.

I used ALE for ages with eslint, but never got it decently working using LSP. 1,430 more words


Trolling with Cameo

A few months ago I was a guest on the Laravel Podcast and at some point I made the off- hand comment that VIM is terrible. 85 more words


VSCode Bindings to Toggle File Explorer

I published an extension the other day that tries to replicate the NERDTree menu and in the screen cast I did for the post I navigate to and around the file explorer menu via the keyboard without explaining how I setup my key bindings to do that. 219 more words

Attempting to replicate NERDTree's menu in VSCode.

I’ve been a pretty happy Vim user for a while, but I wanted to give VSCode a try but often give up because I miss too much from Vim. 205 more words

Embracing the Neovim/Vim Terminal

I’ve only finally just started using Neovim’s terminal. Vim 8 has this too of course, but it was Neovim that championed it and included it by default. 878 more words


Book Review: Practical Vim: Edit Text at the Speed of Thought by Drew Neil

In Practical Vim, Drew Neil gives us an all-around perspective of how to work with Vim.
The author divides this book into 123 tips, each exposing an interesting Vim functionality. 930 more words

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Vim config for Tab lovers

  • some distributions put soft tab as global default
  • others apply them for source files
  • put these lines under ~/.vimrc
set noexpandtab tabstop=4 softtabstop=0 autoindent
set noet ts=4 sts=0 ai