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The rise and rise of Independent Wine and Bottle Shops

I am probably showing my age here, but I can remember a time when the only place you could buy Beer and Wine was of the many chain off-licences at the time, such as Augustus Barnett, Victoria Wine, Threshers etc. 451 more words


tagliatelle ai funghi porcini & a note from Francesco Bonfio

In my post yesterday for the Houston Press, I recounted the last time I was served a bottle of wine that was technically correct but nonetheless off: 534 more words

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Arianna Occhipinti & Giorgio Grai walk into a winebar...

From the department of “public service announcements”…

How’s this for a premise? Arianna Occhipinti (above) and Giorgio Grai walk into a winebar in Siena… The two winemakers represent the antipodes of Italian winemaking in nearly every way (including geographically!). 290 more words

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The Saint of Sangiovese Gambelli

Yesterday, I received yet another round of remembrances of the great Giulio Gambelli (who passed away a few days ago), including one by my good friend… 242 more words

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