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In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “ROY G. BIV.”

The stalk of Banana stem

My workspace – definitely not a cubicle

The metallography is incomplete with the joyful blue…

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Vins is going through a stage where a plaster is the solution to every injury. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bump or a scrape or anything. 219 more words


About Me

 5  W’s About  a Salesforce Evangelist

Who I Am

I am Vinay Chaturvedi

Where I Am

I am based in Noida region, India.

What I Do & From When 

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About Vinay Chaturvedi

He Swims!

When he was little (littler), Vins quite enjoyed swimming. We had to coax him to get changed and into the pool, but once he was in, he was happy. 608 more words



I was drying Vin off after his bath and he said, “Mama! You’re squeezing me!”
I replied, “But Vins it’s because you’re so squeezable!”
He looked at me and in a very matter of fact tone said, “Mama, I’m not squeezable. 13 more words


The Same. But Different.

I’ve had over nine months to get used to being a mum of two. There have been ups and downs – but I think we’ve all settled quite nicely. 726 more words


Growing Up


V: Mama! Soon I’m going to be in pre-k (pre-kindergarten)!

Me: Yes! That’s right! Not long to go now!

V: And then I’ll be in kindergarten. 277 more words