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Daily Prompt: Mentor

via Daily Prompt: Mentor

A talent in the nascent stage will be like a baby in incubator, an individual trying to develop his potential and prove his worth is more or less like a fish that’s been constantly chased by a fishing line. 235 more words


"Iron Beak"


“Days and Nights are long

My beak is strong as iron,

Indefatigability is the root of success

Why will the ocean not dry up?” 252 more words


It's all Up here


As 2017 is ending there is anguish of not realising the quintessential goals, there seems a bit of uneasiness in not getting the incomplete work done. 323 more words


My Experience with Fusion Application


In the world of Cloud computing, Oracle has released various SAAS products. Oracle Fusion Application is one of the SAAS Application which uses latest Oracle technologies and this new ERP product is the Next-Gen of Oracle Applications 11i/R12. 1,803 more words

Education Quality & the Cycle of Poverty in Africa - Vinay Mavani

Since before apartheid, the narrative of South Africa has been a tale of two countries. There’s the third-world country, made up of a well-educated populace whose growing industries carry the economy of South Africa, and whose standards of living rival those of any other developed region. 438 more words


How to Help Poor Children? - Vinay Mavani

There is a myth that is very prevalent in this country, and that is that poverty and hunger only exist in other countries. In fact there is quite a bit of poverty in America, and this includes over 14 million children whose parents can’t afford to feed them regularly and can’t provide proper clothing, education, or health care. 359 more words


Vinay Mavani - Schooling Options for Families Relocating to Africa

For families relocating to Africa with children, a good education is crucial. This means a quality international education with the breadth and scope that will allow their children to easily transfer to schools on a different country or continent and to apply for admission to competitive universities. 1,179 more words