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Ven. Hongyang's memoir

If we are accepted as a disciple of another Sangha member from them we may get more names for that master to use to call us.

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Buddhist Community Activities

I Wish I'd Thought of That: Vinaya Altrius Jewellery

You guys know how I’m always moaning that I’m a slave to my phone, right? And how I can’t see that changing without growing self-will and/or becoming very relaxed about the state of my internet-based job? 257 more words


Vinaya Gets $3M To Build Connected Tech That's More Sensitive To Human Psychology

Can the problem of tech gobbling up too much of your attention be fixed by buying more technology? Vinaya, a U.K. startup which started out back in mid 2013 — and is now announcing its first full product launch, fleshing out its business philosophy and detailing $3 million in seed funding — reckons so. 1,677 more words


New Page as Traveling Sangha offering Dharma

I’ve decided to offer my humble services teaching dharma and precepts in English to temples and monasteries.  I’ve been encouraged by my dharma friends to start to let more Sangha know that I am now willing to travel to their way places.   330 more words

On The Path


Buddhism is sometimes seen as a path that is governed by strict rules of discipline. There can be a tendency to see the ideal student of the Dharma as someone who endures great hardship in the name of practice, as the Buddha did before he discovered the Middle Way… 131 more words

Catalogue of Zangla – Part 34.

Library of the Royal Family of Zangla

Zangla, Zanskar, J&K, India


Ákos Debreczeni

(Csoma’s Room)

cat.nr.: Zang.017-2014

title: ‘dul ba’i mdo rtsa… 73 more words