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Announcing More New Buddhist Fiction - Modern Monk Motifs

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the Rohingya tragedy that’s been recently highlighted in the news but ongoing for decades now in Myanmar and bordering areas. I am always surprised when acquaintances ask me about the situation, and they react in disbelief that Buddhist monks would commit and/or be complicit in such atrocities. 1,355 more words

Buddhist Fiction


Kemarin saya download app Ekayana (Wihara Ekayana Arama) di Android saya.


Setiap buka app, akan selalu langsung masuk ke halaman renungan harian, tertulis disitu tanggalnya tanggal berapa. 324 more words

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Happy Uposatha - Kathina

Today is the end of the Vassa (Rains) period. It’s a special day in the Theravada Buddhist calendar. For those of you who may not be familiar here is a little more information: 444 more words


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What is the Pāli Canon (Tipitaka)

The authentic teachings of Gotama the Buddha have been preserved and handed down to us and are to be found in the Tipiṭaka. The Pāli word, Tipiṭaka’, literally means `the three baskets’ (ti=three + piṭaka=collections of scriptures). 719 more words


Why & How the Vinaya!

What’s unique about the Theravada tradition, in my understanding, is the devotion to the way things were in the earliest times, this is what the word “Thera” very much indicates in this context. 716 more words