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Winter wonderland

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in New England.☃️

Six inches of snow fell on Saturday night. We were lucky that Sunday dawned with decent temps and bright sunshine so we had good weather for shoveling and plowing. 253 more words

New England

New Blu-ray Tuesday 12/5/17

Yay, 20 days till Christmas and happy Tuesday everyone! When it comes to lackluster weeks this one is definitely up there. There’s really only two movies it would make sense to pick. 397 more words


Mitch Rapp : Off Book Review

Hey guys tonight’s blog will be another talk on Vince Flynn again I might do an anime review later on lets jam !

Mitch Rapp : Off Book is a short film about Mitch Rapp going on a mission to this cell or something it’s like a basement I’m not really sure I honestly can’t remember 😂😂 that’s run by a group of Russian agents and they’ve captured one of Rapp’s fellow colleagues and Mitch has to go save him This film isn’t based on anything Vince Flynn wrote it’s just a fan film in his honour I guess. 195 more words

American Assassin Book Review

Hey guys I’m gonna be doing something very different today absolutely nothing to do with anime I will be posting a new blog tomorrow I will do a top 10 list so let’s jam ! 541 more words

Anime VS Fiction Characters: Who Would Mitch Rapp Beat The Sh*t Out Of ?

Hey guys this is a fun blog for today as you all know I’m obesssed with American Assassin it’s the greatest thing I’ve read this year give it a read its addictive. 272 more words

Review: Term Limits by Vince Flynn

5 of 5 stars

Series: None, it’s a prequel of sorts for the Mitch Rapp series

My version: Paperback
Fiction Crime, terrorism, US politics
Simon & Schuster… 422 more words


Book Review: The Third Option, Vince Flynn

This implausible thriller features Mitch Rapp, an assassin who works undercover for the US government, but wishes to retire and settle down with Anna. Anna is the love of his life, a TV news reporter whom he met whilst saving the life of the President, in a previous adventure. 170 more words

Book Review