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The Worst Movie Casting Choices Ever

Once the screenplay to a film or TV show is completed, one of the next steps is to cast all the roles in the production. 390 more words


Movie Review: Hacksaw Ridge (2016)

When Desmond Doss (Darcy Bryce, Andrew Garfield) was young he got into a fight with his brother , Hal (Roman Guerrero, Nathaniel Buzcolic) and hit him in the head with a rock.  490 more words


Jurassic Park in Review: The Lost World Part One

In 1995, Michael Crichton penned the sequel to Jurassic Park, “The Lost World”-a sort of reference to the old Arthur Conan Doyle novel about an isolated land where Dinosaurs still existed, and some of the inspiration for Jurassic Park itself (as well as other films like King Kong, and TV shows like Land of the Lost). 1,755 more words

Hacksaw Ridge (2016) - Honest Review

Mel Gibson returns to directorial greatness with this phenomenal war epic, with a perfect combination of hope, violence, and religion.

Many years have passed thing Mel Gibson first took home the Oscar for Best Achievement in Directing, and although his efforts with Apocalypto were at best decent, it is with Hacksaw Ridge that his old talents return. 319 more words


Out of Nowhere: Vince Vaughn in Swingers

It may be hard to remember, but there was a time when Vince Vaughn was a hungry actor. ¬†Back when he made a star-turn in the indie comedy, … 822 more words


It turns out Vince Vaughn originally auditioned to play Joey in Friends - but was turned down

With Friends having finished in 2004, it’s pretty rare to still hear of random Friends facts you never knew about.

And while this nugget of information has been out there for a few years, it seems it’s still little-known that Vince Vaughn actually auditioned for the role of Joey. 397 more words