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Fred Claus (2007)

Those with an aversion to schmaltz should steer well clear of Fred Claus, a 2007 Christmas movie so loaded with unstable sweetness it’s nearly unbearable. 561 more words


24 Days of Christmas - #7 Fred Claus Review

November 2007   Ι   1h 56min  Ι   David Dobkin

Fred has always been the shadow of his little brother Nicholas (soon to be Santa Claus). Fred is desperate to get 50 000 dollars and ask his brother for help.
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Hacksaw Ridge

If you don’t like blood, slow-motion, or Vince Vaughn in a serious role, then you won’t like Hacksaw Ridge. It’s Mel Gibson’s first film since… 414 more words


24 Days of Christmas - #4 Four Christmases Review

November 2008   Ι   1h 28min   Ι   Seth Gordon

Brad and Kate goes on vacation each christmas to avoid their 4 families. After a bad storm every flight get canceled and they have to spend christmas with their crazy families. 166 more words


Four Christmases (2008)

One of the more objectionable modern Christmas movies is the 2008 endeavour Four Christmases. This Yuletide rom-com is directed by Seth Gordon from a screenplay Matt R. 641 more words


24 Days of Christmas - #2 Top 10 Christmas Movies

I don’t know how many christmas movies I have watched but it is a lot. I do however feel like I have so many more to see. 91 more words


Hacksaw Ridge

Ten years after Apocalypto, Mel Gibson returns to directing following a decade of personal crises that threatened to sink his career.
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