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1. Buffalo'66 - Vincent Gallo

W premierowym odcinku naszego podcastu kultowy, choć w Polsce niezbyt znany film kontrowersyjnego amerykańskiego reżysera – Vincenta Gallo.

Prześledzimy losy jego niezwykle kontrowersyjnej osoby, oraz spróbujemy odpowiedzieć na pytanie, czy jego słynny film z 1998 roku jest jego autobiografią, czy też nie. 35 more words


Sidewinder's View: "Essential Killing" (2010)

I only watched the first half-hour of this movie.

Curiosity got me through the first half hour, but I shut it off when I realized I just didn’t have the ‘enlightened sensibility’ required to watch a War On Terror version of… 383 more words

An Inescapable World of "Trouble Every Day" (2001, dir. Claire Denis)

On its surface, Claire Denis’ Trouble Every Day (2001) is a vampire movie. It fuses the vampire’s predatory lust for blood with its sexual desire for its victims. 493 more words

Film And Video

Death by Mannequin Challenge

A prophetic Vincent Gallo showed us the potential dangers of viral video trends in the 1998 movie, Buffalo 66.


Z To A: Buffalo '66 (1998)

(Z To A is an ongoing series: cumulative reviews of my DVD collection in reverse alphabetical order.)

Plot Synopsis: Welcome to Buffalo- dingy, depressing, cold, grey and hilarious as Billy Brown (Vincent Gallo) gets out of the frying pan (jail) and into the fire (home to his parents).   1,632 more words


Is Vincent Gallo the Jonathan Bowden of Cinema?

From an interview:

“I don’t relate to that ’70s thing, because I’m a modernist. Don’t people understand that I’m into the future? That I’m trying to break through and understand where we’re going to go from here and how we’re going to get there? 337 more words

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