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Truth Or Consequences, N.M. (1997)

Director – Kiefer Sutherland

Starring – Vincent Gallo, Mykelti Williamson, Kiefer Sutherland, Kevin Pollak, Kim Dickens, John C. McGinley, Max Perlich, Martin Sheen, Rod Steiger, 20 more words

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The Brown Bunny (2003)


The Brown Bunny is heavily maligned by almost everyone, and it’s easy to see why. It is an almost amateurish film – the cinematography is utterly simplistic and dull; the sound mix low and muddy, as if it was recorded from behind a closet; and Vincent Gallo as a human being is hard to like at the very best. 84 more words

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30 antes dos 30: Buffalo 66

Vincent Gallo é Billy Brown em Buffalo 66.

Billy tem pais disfuncionais que quer impressionar a todo o custo e um amigo que serve o único propósito de confessor do protagonista. 455 more words


Buffalo '66 (1998)


There are things to like in Buffalo ’66; scenes of bleak, rage-fuelled comedy that would make Bill Hicks think twice, a grainy visual style buffeted with uncommon visual techniques like in-frame transitions, and a majestic performance from Christina Ricci. 79 more words

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Metropia (2009) - review

A Scandinavian animated film, directed by Tarik Saleh, with the voices of Vincent Gallo (Essential Killing) and Juliette Lewis (Natural Born Killers, Due Date).

Metropia gives us a futuristic reflection of a world where the metro connects everyone within Europe and where the company ‘Trexx’ has a way to control the minds and lifestyle of the citizens by means of a shampoo. 168 more words


The Funeral - Film Review

May I simply state firstly how amazing the cast was in this Abel Ferrera Film. Not only do we have Christopher Walken in it (AKA the guy in every other film), but there’s also cats like Benicio Del Toro (saw him recently in Inherent Vice), Chris Penn (loved him in Reservoir Dogs!), Isabella Rossellini, who I thought was fantastic in Blue Velvet, and the crème de la crème – Vincent Gallo was in it, who is one of my favourite actors (I know, I’m ostentatious, but who cares?). 733 more words

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Ryan Gosling's Star Image and the Reception of Lost River

Lost River is Ryan Gosling’s debut as a writer and director, it premiered last year at Cannes to an almost universally negative critical reaction. The reviews from the esteemed festival were so harsh that the film did not receive a theatrical release in America and had an extremely limited run here in the UK (it was concurrently available to download.) The reviews shared many of the same criticisms and stances on the film, the most common dismissals cited Gosling’s self indulgence, a lack of originality through comparability to films of director’s that Gosling has previously worked with, that the actor had no right to attempt to direct and that his film was nothing more than a folie de grandeur. 2,303 more words