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Vincent Gallo/Honey Bunny

When I first heard this track in tandem with its video, I was confused. Gallo’s dreamy and saddening lyrics just don’t fit with his video. In deeper reading, I now think this song really represents loneliness over anything else- Gallo claws at names to call his partner- ‘ 73 more words

Underground Is Dead


The Brown Bunny is still his best work. But I just like this picture.

Sunday Classic of Love

A weekly appreciation of classic film and television soundtracks.

Christina Ricci as Layla tap dancing to “Moonchild” by King Crimson in Buffalo ’66. Don’t forget to look at the sky tonight!


Essential Killing (2010)

Dir. Jerzy Skolimowski

I do love a film where no-one talks. Quick plot summary: Vincent Gallo is captured in the desert, then interrogated and tortured before escaping into a snowy forest and is chased for the remainder of the film. 691 more words

MLB Playoff Race is in Full Swing

Vincent Gallo

Staff Writer

Baseball is a difficult sport to predict. Sports Illustrated picked the Cleveland Indians to win it all during sSpring tTraining, a. And yet every year, we writers numerously challenge such a puzzle in attempt to achieve the perfect bracket. 1,289 more words

Springfield College

Episode 54: The Brown Bunny (2003)

In this episode of Fifth Opinion, we’re breaking down Vincent Gallo’s divisive sophomore feature, The Brown Bunny. We debate the film’s themes of masculinity and loneliness, touch on Gallo’s persona, and discuss how the film relates to… 24 more words


Buffalo '66 (Film)

Reader disclaimer: this article contains spoilers.

To me this is a very personal film. We’re taken on a journey through the healing of Billy brown. Since his upbringing in ’66 Billy was subject to  (psychological) misconduct. 169 more words