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White Haired Witch of Lunar Kingdom (2014)

Adapted from Liang Yusheng’s novel Baifa Monü Zhuan, “White Haired Witch of Lunar Kingdom” did not do as great in the cinema as was hoped.   327 more words

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True Legend (2010)

True Legend is about two brothers, Su Can and Yuan Lie.  Su Can’s father had killed Yuan Lie’s father for committing horrible acts of cruelty upon the common people with his Five Deadly Venom Fist style (an homage to Five Deadly Venom’s) .   424 more words

Green Snake (1993)

Green Snake was written by Lilian Lee whose literary works include Farewell My Concubine and Dumplings. The book was adapted for the screen by Liilan Lee herself and directed by the very talented Tsui Hark ( 279 more words


The Blade (1995)

Hark Tsui, Wenzhuo Zhao (Vincent Zhao), Xin Xin Xiong, Collin Chou,  amongst many others come together to create one of the best Martial Arts Swordsman movies of the 1990’s!   284 more words

Martial Arts