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Apple Cider Vinegar For Warts Removal

Warts are caused by viruses, particularly the HPV type (Human papilloma virus) that causes infections. The top layer of the skin grows too fast resulting in a small solid growth. 42 more words

Kitchen Hint of the Day!

Lemon juice or vinegar in water where cauliflower is cooked makes it keep its white color.


No-Poo #1: Baking Soda & Vinegar

I tried this method many years ago but stopped it for a reason that I can’t remember now. Back then it was used in place of regular shampoo, there wasn’t a focus on extended duration between washing, regulating oil production and so on. 367 more words

Herbal Vinegars

I have been busy today making herbal vinegars! This is a great way to preserve some of the fragrant herbs from my garden.  I use these flavors all winter long, they also make nice gifts for my family.It’s so nice to give gifts from the garden. 47 more words

Recipe: Fridge Trash Butternut Squash Soup

Today is a beautiful, cloudy, blustery day here in the Pacific Northwest. It isn’t too cold, but with the wind, the autumn leaves and grey skies, plus my 3 butternut squashes… it’s soup time! 713 more words


Null results are important too! Starbursts in vinegar vs. water

After doing the bouncy egg experiment, my kid had lots of ideas about things he wanted to try, such as putting more things in water and vinegar. 81 more words

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