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Vinnie Jones: Captain of Wales

A look of pure aggression on his face, with his hand firmly cupping Gazza’s balls; who in turn has a look of sheer shock and fear on his face. 691 more words


Movie Review: Mean Machine

Producer: Matthew Vaughn, Guy Ritchie (Executive)
Director: Barry Skolnick
Cast: Vinnie Jones, David Kelly, David Hemmings, Ralph Brown, Jason Flemyng, Danny Dyer
and Jason Statham as ‘Monk’ 222 more words


Toxin (1.5/10)

Toxin is a drama, sci-fi, horror (though it really isn’t scary so scratch that) starring Danny Glover, Vinnie Jones, Taylor Handley, and Beverley Mitchell.

Dr. Locke (Danny Glover) is a scientist recruited to develop a vaccine for a deadly toxin, just to find that Dean (Taylor Handley) and his group of friends stand in the way of his plans. 280 more words

South Africa

Escape Plan

Viewed – 24 March 2015  Blu-ray

I haven’t been that interested in this 80s action hero revival that began with The Expendables movies (the first one was bad enough) as I felt there was too much of a nudge-nudge wink-wink attitude going on, that seemed to poke fun at the stars I had once adored.  334 more words


Slipstream (2005)

Slipstream (2005)

Today’s review is on a little known 2005 time travel bank heist movie, and the second feature I’m spotlighting with the title of “Slipstream.” 831 more words


Awaken: Natalie Burn Rocks in Action Film

Awaken stars Natalie Burn in her first action film after Expendables 3 where she played Mel Gibson’s other half. She rocks in the movie as a young Russian girl looking for her ne’er-do-well sister who has gone missing from a prison. 43 more words