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Froback Friday, 15/06/2018

Happy Friday.

This week I’m posting the video that I’ve been wanting to post for a long time now because of how bad it is: And of course, when I’m talking about bad, I’m talking about… 86 more words


Excuse Me, Mr. Vincent...

Dear Mr. Vincent,

  Here at OnOneOnline.com/OnOneOnlinesBlog.wordpress.com, we would just like to urge you to not let this ridiculous bullshit, in any way change the path you are on.  766 more words

Responsible Reporting

Vinnie Vincent vs. The Decibel Dick

Ok, so I had intended to just state both sides of this bullshit that has been pulled with Mr. Vinnie Vincent (Vinnie Vincent Invasion, KISS).  I started with the side of a very rude and apparently two-faced insensitive jerk that co-hosts the “I was the nerdy kid in school that never grew out of it and still live in my mommy’s trailer, sleeping on the futon, redneck” podcast, who not only crossed a line by falsely portraying himself to be something he was not in order to further his fanboy dreams of “playing with the big boys and girls of rock”, but he crossed a fucking human moral code.  673 more words

Responsible Reporting

The Decibel Geek's Side via SleezeRoxx.com

There are two sides to every coin… Or wait, is it three?  At any rate, here is one of those sides….

Repost of the SleezeRoxx.com article Posted on June 6, 2018 by 

926 more words

Responsible Reporting

A Conversation With Bobby Rock

Bobby Rock, the current drummer for Lita Ford, has a new book out: The Boy Is Gonna Rock. This exciting new memoir is about Bobby’s early years as a musician, with a focus on his time as the drummer of Vinnie Vincent Invasion. 1,381 more words

Michael Cavacini

Meeting Vinnie Vincent

This past weekend I met former KISS lead guitarist Vinnie Vincent, who I’m interviewing in a few weeks. Vinne was as nice as could be, and our photo together turned out great. 159 more words

Michael Cavacini