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Credit Card Skimmers striking at gas stations

Most people don’t even think twice when inserting their credit cards into the machine to get gas. But you can never be careless when dealing with credit cards unfortunately. 117 more words

Watch Out for credit card skimmers at gas stations

Recently credit card skimming devices have been found in gas stations in the St. Louis area. Although these ones are occurring in St. Louis, this happens everywhere. 99 more words

Identity theft Increases during tax season

Identity theft has become an increasingly large issue throughout the world. Unfortunately, it is an even bigger issue around tax season, according to a video from KSDK. 99 more words

Necessary precautions to prevent identity theft during tax season

You are more likely to get your identity stolen during tax season than any other time of the year, according to a video from KSDK. There were thousands of stolen identities in 2015. 90 more words