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Sicilian wines and Al Fico preview NEXT TUESDAY July 7

Above: Not only does Marilena Barbera makes some of our favorite wines from Sicily, she’s also one of our favorite persons in the wine biz. She’ll be debuting the new vintage of her Inzolia at next week’s dinner, a Vino Vino exclusive! 172 more words

Vino Vino Austin

Vino Vino will be open Saturday July 4

This year, celebrate independence day with some red, white, and bubbly!

Vino Vino Austin

Al Fico has a new pastry chef and her name is...

We’re getting closer and closer to an opening date at Al Fico, Vino Vino’s sister restaurant. For news from Al Fico, please visit the Al Fico blog and follow and like us… 74 more words

Vino Vino Austin

Paella for dad this Sunday

Paella… pronounced pah-EH-yah. The word literally means pan.

That’s because, without the paella or classic broad pan, the dish wouldn’t be possible!

It’s an iconic recipe from Spain: An unrivaled and utterly delicious mix of rice, saffron, seafood, and sausage cooked to tender perfection in broth and white wine. 80 more words

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A favorite Sauvignon Blanc for Summer...

Summer is upon and we’ve been digging our rosé.

But that doesn’t mean that we’ve stopped loving on our favorite white wines, like the… 141 more words

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