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Vint Cerf at MSU on 10 May at 3:30PM: Join Us!

Vint Cerf speaking for the Quello Center at MSU in Communication Arts & Sciences Rm 147, 3:30PM

Vint Cerf is internationally recognized as “an Internet pioneer” – one of the “fathers of the Internet” – in light of his work with Bob Kahn in co-inventing Internet protocol (TCP/IP). 221 more words

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Genius is not measured by a number alone . . .

“Genius is not measured by a number alone, but by the deeds and inventions it brings to our world. To possess the number alone, and to make inventions of wide-scale destruction, is not the hallmark of Genius—it is the hallmark of Idiot Genius.” ~ 8 more words

Steve Wozniak, Vint Cerf and Friends Tell the FCC: You Don't Understand How the Internet Works

Internet experts, leaders, and pioneers, including “father of the internet” Vint Cerf and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, are urging Congress to reconsider its plan to repeal net neutrality. 375 more words