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Recently I’ve given some time over to catching up on some reading. Which has included Walter Isaacson’s tremendous book Innovators. I picked this up  more because I liked Walter’s approach to the… 271 more words


They say human greed will destroy the world and it has!

The funny thing is on my passport M8747409 of the military rank of “Main Internet Founder” you will find a series of articles from around 1986 from comp.protocol where I designed the internet for Vint Cerf and a number of his stooges. 325 more words

2nd 22nd Century

Book Club - It's Complicated: The Social Lives of Networked Teens

Last week (sorry for the late update) I got together with my fellow Social Media MA students for a book club. It was my first ever book club actually, and I really enjoyed it. 407 more words

Booky Writing

The Next Dark Age

“Will more family photos survive from gran’s lifetime than from yours?”

The answer to this seemingly absurd question may seem like “no” at first glance, but think again. 684 more words


History of IP networks: the forefathers of internet.

Generations after the year 2000 take the internet for granted. Its benefits, its accessibility and easy to use programs, for them, are things that will have always been there for everybody. 794 more words


ISS installs networking tech that may soon connect the whole Solar System

When you really need to get a signal in from Pluto, a direct connection isn’t always possible. Oh sure, when it’s a big project like New Horizons, you can make sure the line is clear and someone’s listening — but for routine updates from a Neptune orbiter or power-starved comet lander, there’s Delay/Disruption Tolerant Networking, which just… 404 more words