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Recycled wood x

I love books.

(All pics Pinterest)

But I hate the back-to-front book thing. Though it works sparklingly well as a visual metaphor for everything that is tragic about our modern culture. 6 more words


Vintage Bears Need Love Too!

Do you want to see some vintage bears? Nope, not teddy bears. Regular, real life bears. Because of my <3 for bears, my postcard pal, … 688 more words


Ventriloquism for Dummies

See what I did, there?

A cheesy pun,
that’s right.

whatdaya want for nothing?

Send 25,000 bucks in care
of this blog and we’ll… 229 more words

Yeah, But Can You Glow In The Dark

One of the first really cool
presents I got as a kid at
Christmas was a watch
with a radium face —

I could stuff myself… 359 more words

Baah Humbug

Baah Humbug ! ”

That olde Scrooge
certainly was an
expressive character,
wasn’t he?

But —
I got to thinking
the other day — 254 more words

They Never Come Back

For today’s post,
we have some more
great vintage cartoon
postcard work by
Peter Albert Carmichael ..

.. a well known illustrator
who got his start at… 297 more words

Vintage in My Mailbox

It’s “hump day,” and as usual by midweek, exhaustion has a strong grip on my mind and body, so I’m dropping in with a quick post to share the vintage photography postcards I received yesterday. 132 more words