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Martha Hyer in fishnet tights

Martha Hyer (1924 – 2014) “starred in many overwrought melodramas of the sort that the Hollywood studios cranked out in the 1950s, winning an Oscar nomination for best supporting actress for her role as a snobbish and sexually repressed schoolteacher seduced by Frank Sinatra in Vincente Minnelli’s Some Came Running (1958)” ~ The Telegraph (UK)


Vivi Bach

Vivi Bach (born 1939): Danish actress of the 1960s and 1970s.


Yvonne Monlaur 1939 – 2017

Yvonne Monlaur: French actress, born 1939, in Hammer Horror films.



Shadows of the Mind: The Roger Watkins Series // Essay

The guilty will die in shallow ponds of blood splattered in streaks on wet grass. I’ll paint my face: red lines, black rot smeared messy, and a field of memory like a morning snowfall blotting out a flute’s hollow simmer at dawn. 1,448 more words