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ASCII by Jason Scott: Please Help Us Track Down Apple II Collections

Jason Scott needs your help tracking down Apple II software for archiving. “The Summary: Conditions are very, very good right now for easy, top-quality, final ingestion of original commercial Apple II Software and if you know people sitting on a pile of it or even if you have a small handful of boxes, please get in touch with me to arrange the disks to be imaged. ”

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My Solstice Gift to You

Astoria Oregon, even in the dead of winter, is full of so many gifts. That we can be on the edge of the continent – a Columbia River estuarine blend of salty ocean and mountain snow. 121 more words


Guy Creates Slack Client for Commodore 64 (As You Do)

About 1993 I had a PC and a monitor, and the monitor died. I couldn’t afford to replace it, so as I remember I ended up running the video signal out of the PC and into a VCR, and out the VCR and into an ancient black and white TV. 113 more words


Another Hardware Salvage Story

Why do people paint over and throw away vintage hardware? I live in an area with houses built as far back as 150 years ago, and I… 188 more words

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Upfitting a CRT Television with Chromecast

A guy after my own heart upfitted an old CRT television with Chromecast. “Dr. Moddnstine found a way to make a “portable” TV from 1978 accept Chromecast, turn on automatically when streaming to it, and found a way to fit all the additional parts inside the original chassis.” Gizmodo also noted that goofing around in old televisions is a good way to zap yourself if you’re not careful.

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