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 Hello Monday…

Hey guys sorry I’ve been away for quite sometime so many activities have been going on. I bagged my Bachelors degree (B.SC) in mass communication and I couldn’t be happier whoop whoop!!! 190 more words

Notes From B

Make fresh cream with the Bel Empire cream maker

When cream was a luxury, it was made at home using milk, butter and a great deal of elbow grease. The Bel Empire cream maker was first manufactured in the 1930’s by a firm called Royston, based in Surbiton. 220 more words

Apartment and Moving Part 2

It’s been 5 weeks since we moved, and I am feeling the withdraws. I miss the beauty, culture and busyness of Miami, but I don’t miss everything else, like the traffic, noise, impossibility of getting a parking spot in our local Publix, or the high expenses for everything. 163 more words


Every Plate Tells a Story

Marion by Mayer China

At the turn of the last century, the potteries along the Ohio River were working overtime to fulfill rapidly increasing orders – bricks for streets, clay products for drainage, durable toilet wares and dinnerware. 479 more words


1868 Farmhouse

This old farmhouse had been abandoned and fallen into disrepair. We found it on Hubzu, a good real estate auction site for flip houses, or for finding and creating your dream home. 30 more words

Design Ideas

An American Classic: Diner Coffee Mug

Classic, curvy, heavy and durable coffee mug. The kind used in the local diner for years. From that less than glamorous beginning, mugs like these have become icons of the past. 161 more words


Things Are A-Changin

Our home is very much a work in progress, an on going project, sometimes it feels like you can’t see the wood for the trees and one looses sight of how much has been achieved. 197 more words