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Art Nouveau

It doesn’t really matter that this brooch is Art Nouveau, it could be Art Know None.I have had it for a few years now and I just love it. 189 more words


Here comes the Fall

Fall and Spring are my favourite times of the year.

Pile on the scarves, the blazers , the stacks of bracelets – so much fun.  Making a statement is a lot easier with a few accessories that are not covered up by a parka and a Pashmina with statement pins might not go that well with a tankini. 120 more words


does fragile mean unwearable?

For me most time the answer is yes, which is a total shame.

If I think a piece might break I don’t wear it.  My jewellery box gets the benefit but, no one else. 190 more words


wearing bling

Bling is always in. Sparkly bling especially.

I am very fine with other bling items;  enamel, gold, memento mori jewellery and on and on (it is a little creepy to have someone unknown person’s hair around your neck) but, sometimes that edginess is what people are after. 128 more words


Collecting vintage jewellery can be seen as a king of hoarding.  I am okay with that I think.

I do have an Etsy site; Glinda’s Closet… 237 more words


sweater clips

I just have one and I mostly forget to use it but it is very handy.  So very vintagey that someone might have one and not know what it is. 202 more words


"time keeps on ticking..."

I can’t remember who sang that and the next words are; “into the future” if you recognize it.

Even though time ticks forward some things remain the same. 227 more words