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Unusual Operculum Jewelry

Some operculum jewelry pieces simply don’t fit neatly into any of the more popular design categories such as filigree, tortoise shell, etc. This isn’t too surprising, considering that opercula are rather unusual themselves! 774 more words


Only Got a Hundred Years to Live

When I was in my late-30s I had a little pre-mid-life event…I lost about 180 lbs (aka got a divorce) and decided that by 40 I wanted to be the best I’d ever been. 661 more words

Fashion Schlub

Next Steps... A Vintage Buying Guide..

Since October last year, I’ve been distracted with travel and family. We’ve covered England, Australia, Canada and Barbados.Now that things are feeling little more settled (dare I say it), it’s time to invest some energy on my online  142 more words


Silver Filigree Operculum Jewelry

Another popular style for operculum jewelry was to set the shells into ornate filigree necklaces and bracelets. The word “filigree” derives from filigrana meaning a wire thread ( 658 more words


Cash for Gold

Do you have gold lying around that you would like to do a cash for gold trade? Selling your old jewelry lying around can make you a decent amount of cash that you just had laying around. 12 more words

Day 113 - The Natalya "Back" Necklace

Today I completed a custom order for a client to wear to a wedding tomorrow. It mimics the colours in her dress and will be worn cascading down her back. 39 more words

Project One A Day

Operculum and Tortoise Shell Jewelry

This second in a series of four posts about operculum jewelry focuses on the popular stylistic combination of opercula with tortoise shell, and here’s where things start to get murky. 875 more words