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Vintage Cowgirls

It’s fair to say that the myth of the cowboy can be a little problematic. Manifest destiny, a West to be “won,” and an uneasy relationship (to say the least) with Native Americans– the narratives don’t hold up as well as they once did, and I’m always a little hesitant to embrace the motif of the “cutesy” cowboy.  73 more words

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Vintage Poland

I found the most wonderful vintage illustrations via Pinterest the other day. Unfortunately, the source website is all in Polish and what I was able to translate wasn’t super clear. 28 more words

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What Frida Wore

Sometimes it’s hard to remember that Frida Kahlo didn’t live all that long ago. She’s become lionized as a painter, feminist, communist, Mexican icon, as a person living with a disability in a time when that wasn’t something to be spoken of. 148 more words

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My mother's dress :)

Wearing my dads favourite dress of my mums that she wore when she was younger ^_^

Absolutely love this Laura Ashley dress, the pattern and colours are so pretty and now I have it as my own dress, i cannot wait to wear it all summer long :)


Take Me to the Zoo

One part constructivist heroics, one part WPA-style icon-making, these 1963 Prague zoo matchbook labels from Oliver Tomas’ amazing collection are making my Thursday a little brighter.

via DesignWorkLife.



Ever been in a relationship that seemed toxic? Maybe you didn’t know it was toxic at the time or maybe you are still in this relationship. 250 more words

Vintage Love

Peggy Olson Gets Dressed

A few weeks back I shared the site that’s cataloged everything Don Draper has worn over seven seasons of Mad Men. Not to be outdone, the internet also contains a comprehensive listing of… 61 more words

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