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Episode 8: So Sweet to Come Home to

In this episode we explore the Easter issue of Family Circle from 1953, and learn that Cat Pictures have been a thing for a very long time. 221 more words


Episode 7: Eastern War Time

In this episode we question the legitimacy of War Bonds and discuss the deferred dreams they underwrote, thereby priming the post war public for a booming consumer culture. 272 more words


Episode 6: The Man with Pipe Appeal

This week we learn what constitutes a man with Pipe Appeal, and get the Low Down on Ruthless Roth: The Dirtiest Man in America. We are introduced to the new modern milk carton, and we begin to see the the emergence of newer printing inks and techniques, particularly in some really fantastic ads for food. 246 more words


The Magazine Show! A new project

This winter I embarked on a journey into audio media— a podcast to be precise. The idea happened one night when James and I were leafing through a stack of vintage magazines, finding outlandish ad copy or headlines, and reading them aloud, trying not to laugh. 231 more words


Episode 5: O! Where it's Fun to be Old!

This week we read about the budding new vacation hotspot, Miami— and the beginning of the Florida boom. And of course, we continue our exploration of advertising and the various items people were buying back in the 1950s. 284 more words


Episode 4: Propaganda is Everywhere

Welcome back to The Magazine Show, where we delve into the delightful, quaint world of once-upon-a-time magazines and culture, bringing you insight into another era.  238 more words