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Retro-Style Coin Purses

These retro-style purses have to be one of my favourite makes so far. I simply love the way they look and feel.

I’m a lover of most things vintage, which is where the inspiration for these purses came from. 500 more words


Turtleneck Sweaters

This year I have been obsessed with the turtleneck sweater trend.  When my mom caught on to my love of turtleneck sweaters when I got home from first semester she made fun of me because apparently when I was little I refused to wear turtlenecks in public #diva ;) 214 more words

Ruth Buzzy instead of That Girl

I always wanted to be Marlo Thomas when I was a young girl. That Girl

Young in the big city, swishy hair and perfectly fashionable at all times.  166 more words

Mesh Purses from Whiting & Davis

In the early 1900’s lady’s handbags were small accessories that held very little; usually a small mirror, lacy hankie, comb and maybe a few coins.  There really wasn’t any need for much more.  898 more words


Mesh Purse by Mandalian

This green and white beauty became part of my collection at an auction but not in the normal way.

A few years ago I attended a small local auction specifically to bid on several painted mesh purses I knew were up for sale.  761 more words


Pearl Beaded Purses for a Wedding

Beaded evening purses as a collectible stretches the imagination when thinking of all the possible styles and materials used in designing these little works of art.  825 more words


3 Unfortunate Evening Bags

My vintage evening bag and beaded purse collection brings me such pleasure.  These tiny handbags are decorated with sequins and pearls, tiny embroidered tapestries, made from metal mesh, or brightly beaded.  698 more words