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1960s Flapper Girl

This is a real meeting of decades. A 1920s flapper print and a vintage 1960s pattern. 1967, to be exact. Sometimes, you just have to sew as the spirit moves you. 360 more words

Sewing And Knitting

Collecting Vintage Sewing Patterns

I started sewing with a vengeance back in the 1980’s so I have collected a wide range of sewing patterns from that period onwards. It wasn’t until about two years ago that I started collecting patterns from the 1950s and earlier, but I’m so glad I started! 624 more words


Zingy Capri Pants

Sometimes, when I find myself in the town centre I just naturally gravitate to the fabric shops. Even if I didn’t actually intend to go there, I am suddenly inside the fabric store, staring aimlessly at rolls of fabric wondering ‘why did I come in here this time?’ 580 more words

Vintage Fashion

Completed: Vintage Carline shirtdress

Evening everyone!  Hope you’re all well, and not feeling like it should be Friday already…  Anyway…  If this fabric looks familiar, it’ll probably be because it’s been everywhere for the last few years, but also maybe because it’s the second thing I’ve made from my length…  I think I’m a tad on the cautious side when I buy fabric – I like to know I won’t run out, you know? 528 more words


Loving vintage patterns

I finished my Style 3686 pattern yesterday and I am loving all the vintage 1972 details of big collars and puff sleeves!

I found the pattern at the local charity shop for 50p in a size 12. 175 more words


Style 3686 vintage pattern

I haven’t started this project yet but wanted to share what I had planned.
I went to my local charity shop for a quick browse and was very pleased to find a stack of sewing patterns for sale, almost all vintage styles from the 60’s and 70’s for 50p each!!! 222 more words


Family History and 1970s Dresses!

Vintage Sewing Patterns!

Here are some interesting artifacts from my family history.

A few years ago, my mom gave me a crate of sewing patterns from her youth in the 1970s, when it was more common for women to sew their own clothes. 108 more words